Alabama Law Enforcement Agency


"CentreStack made all the difference in the world for us. Thank you for being awesome." - John Smith, CEO


The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) was created by Act 2013-67 and represents the consolidation and realignment of 12 state law enforcement agencies/functions into one entity. ALEA is responsible for the functions and missions of the Alabama Department of Homeland Security, Department of Public Safety, Alabama Bureau of Investigation, Fusion Center, Criminal Justice Information Center, Marine Police, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Enforcement Division, Department of Revenue Enforcement, Forestry Commission Investigations, Agriculture and Industry Investigations, Public Service Commission Enforcement, and Office of Prosecution Services Computer Forensic Laboratories.


ALEA needed an Enterprise-class File Sync and Share platform that was brandable, completely on-premise and cost effective. ALEA is a "Windows shop" so they wanted a platform that used familiar Windows technologies.


Gladinet CentreStack met or exceeded all requirements. After trying several alternative solutions (like OwnCloud and FileCloud) which ran on Apache and third party databases, they preferred CentreStack's Windows-based platform. Also tried Novell Filr but it was too complicated. Sparco share and others were not enterprise class. Gladinet was chosen based on its technical advantages and affordable pricing.

"After trying several WebDAV and sync folder based alternatives, we were blown away by the performance and usability of CenterStack's natively mapped drives. A great product with easy setup and excellent support is hard to beat."

- Mary Bishop, FireSpring

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