CentreStack Cloud Based File Server

Combine the best of cloud storage and local storage for file sharing

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Sync between local storage and cloud storage to provide business continuity and file sharing service

Business Continuity

With CentreStack solution, a file server away from the data center, in the customer's on-premise location, can be synchronized to the data center side to form a business continuity solution.

Since data is synchronized between two different locations, if access to one location is blocked, the access to the other location is still available, thus provide business continuity. The two location can be accessed independently and the data will continue to synchronize both ways. If one site is not available, the synchronization can happen at a later time.

Hybrid Solution

Local users can continue to access the local file server in a traditional way, while at the same time, data can be accessed via remote machines and mobile devices, without using VPN to enhance productivity.

Seamless Integration

Folder permission and Active Directory user identity can be preserved, offering the same users who are used to access local files and folders the same access permission when access cloud files and cloud folders.

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