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Secure online access to your file server from mobile devices such as iPhones and Android tablets


This white paper describes CentreStack file server integration which can be used by businesses to enable secure mobile access to file server from over the Internet.

Problem Statement

More and more employees are bringing their own devices to work (BYOD). A majority of the devices are iOS devices and Android devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablets. Traditionally, people are using desktops and laptops to access file servers over network share in their local are network. outside of the local are network, it is also desirable to enable file server access from iOS devices and Android devices.

CentreStack Solution

CentreStack has two solutions for this. First, it solves the problems by creating a hybrid cloud storage and access solution. File servers from different locations can contribute folders to a global distributed file system namespace inside user's account. The global distributed file system namespace can be accessed from web browser, desktop PC , another file server, and from iOS devices and Android devices.

Second solution is from the combination of the CentreStack product and optionally, the CentreStack File Server Agent product, which allows the use of your own storage as the backing storage. you can create a hybrid storage and access solution involving file servers in your local branch office and file servers in your co-location data center, and still enables the secure mobile access.

Implementation #1

The first implementation has the CentreStack server not in the same local area network as the file server. The CentreStack File Server Agent will be installed on the file server that has folders to share. You can get online access to file server folders once you attach a folder from the file server to your CentreStack installation.

Implementation #2

The second implementation will have CentreStack running on-premise, side by side with your file server. You can have web browser access to file server folders in the LAN environment. If you put the CentreStack in the DMZ zone, you can also enable secure online access across the Internet.


Traditionally, you only have CIFS/SMB drive mapping access to file server. With CentreStack file server integration, you can have any device, anywhere secure access, which makes employees more productive and focus more on running the business and focus less on the access methods like IPSEC/VPN.

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