Administration Scope

There are two administration scopes.

Cluster Administrator

Cluster Administrator can manage cluster-wide functionalities, such as email SMTP server setup, worker node properties and etc. In the Deployment Guide, often the cluster administrator is also referred to as the master admin. Even though the CentreStack servers farm can have multiple CentreStack servers, most of the time, only one CentreStack server is deployed, so sometimes this cluster administrator is also referenced as the CentreStack server administrator.

Tenant Administrator

Tenant Administrator can manage tenant-wide functionalities, such as group policy. The cluster admin is also a tenant admin for the very first tenant so the cluster administrator manages both cluster administration and tenant administration. In the multiple-tenant case, each tenant administrator will be responsible for the tenant’s administration scope.

In the real world, the tenant is often mapped to an organization; a customer that has many employees.

See the following picture. There are two icons related to cluster administration (cluster manager) and tenant administration (Management Console)



Tenant is usually mapped to a company, a corporation, a business or a client of yours.


NOTE 1: All the administration work are performed over web portal inside a web browser. For web browser to perform administrative work in web portal, we recommend Google Chrome first, followed by Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

NOTE 2: The very first user who installed the CentreStack is the cluster admin and also the tenant admin for its own tenant. In order for the cluster admin to be familiar with the tenant functionality, the cluster admin is provided a small 3-user account (tenant account) too.