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MSP Mannassi IT Solutions white labels CentreStack as a file sync and share solution with profit margins around 90%.


Mannassi IT Solutions was using Soonr as a file sync and share solution paired with an on-premises server for one of their largest clients. This became a serious issue when the client’s number of objects stored got to around 80,000- 90,000 (files and folders).

“The number of objects exceeded the max operating parameters of Soonr with that object count,” said Graham Mannassi.

They needed to find a new solution without these maximum operating parameters, that also offered international file sync and share capabilities.


Mannassi IT Solutions turned to CentreStack. They built their own CentreStack server on Microsoft Azure. Today, the client is no longer running into issues exceeding maximum object counts.

Mannassi is able to white label the CentreStack product, so they have replaced Soonr entirely with “Mannassi IT Solutions File Sync and Share.”

“After the cost of our CentreStack license and Azure hosting cost, we are able to build our own custom package that provides a better revenue stream,” said Graham.

“The primary competition is Dropbox, OneDrive or Sharepoint out of Office 365. But they don’t really match up to what CentreStack does. I think CentreStack is far superior because of all the capability of sharing and syncing.”

Graham Mannassi




They have an 80% profit margin on licenses and a 99.85% profit margin on data storage.


With CentreStack, Mannassi has low costs and the flexibility to package their products how they want to sell them. “We can build our own package that gives us a much better revenue stream,” said Graham.

Key Q’s With Graham, CEO of
Mannassi IT Solutions

What are the top benefits for your customers using CS?

It can sync to Windows servers and has more features than Dropbox.

What are the top reasons you chose CS?

We can build it. We can host it. We can brand it. This is a product that we are able to really own.