Tenacious Networks

Canadian based MSP, Tenacious Networks, (Aegis) adds revenue and saves time by switching to CentreStack.


Tenacious Network’s clients were using a variety of different solutions for cloud based file storage and sharing. They were primarily relying on OneDrive for business. There were a number of issues with this solution, but the biggest issue was OneDrive’s learning curve.

“Using OneDrive is a learning experience for people. Maybe it’s straightforward, but it’s not familiar,” said Aaron Patton, President of Tenacious Networks.

They had a lot of issues that were coming up because of the lack of familiarity. Tenacious Networks would have to train each of their clients on how to use OneDrive. Their clients also found file sharing burdensome - anyone wanting to receive a file from a OneDrive user needed to sign up for an account. “It’s just an extra step, a hassle, when you are trying to do business,” Aaron said.


Tenacious Networks decided to go with CentreStack as a solution for cloud based file storage and sharing, as well as for VPN and file server replacement.

CentreStack’s interface was the driving factor in their decision to switch. It’s easy to use interface directly saves Tenacious Networks time - they don’t spend time training clients and problem solving like they did with OneDrive.

Tenacious Networks also benefits from CentreStack because it is easy to sell. Aaron said the ease of use and familiarity of the interface makes it appealing to clients. For the client, moving files to the CentreStack cloud server looks the same as it would moving to their own file server, with a much lower price tag.

“Now we can say, rather than spend $10,000 for a file server, why don’t you spend $50 a month for this solution,” Aaron said.

CentreStack is familiar; the interface is easy to adapt to. Our clients can see all of their files as they typically access them. They are using cloud storage the way they typically stored files with their old file system”

Aaron Patton

Tenacious Networks



With CentreStack, Tenacious Networks has added $24,000 a year in new gross profit.


They don’t have to troubleshoot on product use, and their client’s don’t have to learn a difficult new product.

Key questions with Aaron Patton,
President of Tenacious Networks

What are the top benefits for your customers using CentreStack?

“The simplicity of the productand immediate familiarity they have using it.”

What are the top reasons you chose CentreStack?

“It is easy to manage and easy to sell.”