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File Share Synchronization for Branch Offices

Synchronize file shares from multiple branch offices into a central cloud file repository for simplified access and secure sharing

Simplify Collaboration Between Branch Offices

The Challenge

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Microsoft's Distributed File System (DFS) have been the traditional tools for syncing data between remote offices. The problem is that they don't always work so well across wide area networks (WANs) and it can be difficult to access the data and keep it properly synchronized. DFS with Replication (DFS-R), for example, promises to sync files between two locations or to provide a backup mirror of the primary file server with load balancing across multiple servers to enhance performance. But when IT administrators try to use it to create a centralized file server for a multi-site organization with a unified namespace, the DFS replication service often falls short and fails to deliver on its promises with poor conflict resolution and frequent sync failures.

The Solution

CentreStack provides a compelling alternative to DFS and VPNs by syncing data to a global name space while providing desktop agents and mobile applications for a complete end-to-end access solution that simplifies the user experience. The platform goes further to maintain data consistency with versioning and multiple levels of distributed file locking and synchronization optimizations while integrating directly with Active Directory for user and permission management. In other words, it delivers on the promise of multi-site collaboration with simplified access to a global namespace and conflict free collaboration!


Authentication and Access

The following data flow illustrates the basic architecture and function for this solution. In this example, a file server is being used as the centralized storage location, but cloud storage can also be used.

Step 1

Administrators install the cloud server agent on remote file servers in branch offices.

Step 2

CentreStack can leverage file shares for the central file repository. Cloud storage services like Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage also work.

Step 3

Files, Active Directory users and NTFS permissions are synchronized upwards. File sync is bi-directional.

Step 4

The central file repository can be accessed over HTTPS/SSL or from branch offices file shares.

Step 5

CentreStack uses the authentication token from the domain controller to access internal file shares. Files are then synchronized between the remote agent\client and the centralized server (or cloud storage).

Enterprise Grade File Sharing & Collaboration

With CentreStack, all data is consolidated into a centralized, global name space which includes data from all sites and remains easily accessible from any remote or mobile devices. And it's easy for employees to share files with business partners or customers while administrators maintain data privacy, security and control.

Simplified Access

Easily access data from any location or device with familiar mapped drives, mobile applications and browsers.

Data Privacy & Security

Keep data on existing file servers or move to a private cloud. Use existing NTFS permissions and AD users.

Control & Compliance

Leverage distributed file locking, version controls, auditing and reporting, managed sharing, GDPR & HIPAA compliance and more.

Productivity Benefits

Enhanced productivity for remote workers and mobile devices with on-premise control and security!

CentreStack has desktop and mobile applications. Unlike VPN, which is a generic network technology, CentreStack has applications on the end point device ready to help with file and folder access.


Mapped drives delay downloads until files are opened and cached locally for fast future access, significantly reducing bandwidth and storage consumption. Users get local performance when working remotely.


Line of business and legacy applications are unaffected as internal users can continue to work without making any changes using the internal mapped drives they have grown accustomed to.


Minimize user training with a mapped drive that works the same on-premises or remotely. Provide a seamless local experience for users even when they are offline.

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