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Self Hosted Dropbox

On Premise Dropbox alternative to simplify mobile access and file sharing and retain data privacy, security and control.
Dropbox On Premise Solution

Challenges of Using Dropbox at Work

Businesses traditionally collaborate on an on premise file server with file shares and mapped drives. These file servers normally have large file shares that have implied permissions associated with folder and file access. Using Dropbox at work on a file server ignores existing permissions on files and synchronizes all files to each device. This tends to fill up devices and make files visible to everyone.

This often proves problematic for businesses. Employees move data into Dropbox which compromises data privacy, negates existing permissions, and can inadvertently violate regulatory standards or compliance requirements. And then there's the challenge of managing multiple copies of documents with different revisions. So, continuing the analogy, you're now flying naked, not sure where you are, which language to speak or which laws you've broken.

Perhaps it's time to retire the silly analogy, but the point is clear. How do you get the convenience of Dropbox without sacrificing data privacy, security and control and solve the following problems?

Big Data

File server has more data than a laptop with a small SSD can store.

Data Privacy

Synchronizing every file to every device exposes every file.

Data Ownership

You don't know where your data is after it's moved to Dropbox.


Some files are at the on-premise file server but some revisions are in Dropbox.

Data Security

There are no NTFS permissions or permission controls for Dropbox.

Central Control

Dropbox distributes files to every device, making it hard to manage.

Self Hosted Dropbox Deployment Highlights

You will deploy CentreStack quickly as an on-premise Dropbox alternative to overcome the business challenges of using Dropbox at work. As a private, self hosted Dropbox alternative, CentreStack provides a file sharing and mobile access solution that can be hosted behind your corporate firewall or on Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure. At the same time, it integrates natively with Active Directory permissions and gives end users a drive letter with on-demand access and file locking. Businesses retain data privacy and ownership and maintain existing access controls, while providing remote sharing and mobile access. It is the best of both worlds!

Simple Install

Install the solution on a Windows Server in 20 minutes.


CentreStack is multi-tenant by default. Single-tenancy is a special case.

White Labeled

Customize the solution with your own branding.

Business woman shoing dropbox on premise deployment highlights


Each CentreStack server supports thousands or can be clustered to create massive scale.

Storage Agnostic

Use Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage or file server shares to create a private, self hosted Dropbox alternative.

Data Center Ready

Install it behind a company firewall or in Amazon or Azure data centers.

Use Cases

CentreStack is a multi-tenant, white-labeled, revenue generating file sharing service for service providers. Businesses can turn on-premise file servers directly into file sharing services for remote sharing and mobile access. Companies from Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries can use CentreStack to make sure the data stays within their countries by self hosting the file sharing service.


CentreStack combines the security and control of on-premise file servers with Dropbox-like mobile access and sharing features to create one seamless solution.

Retain Data Ownership

Businesses can offer a file sharing and mobile access solution to their employees while owning and controlling everything from the back-end storage services all the way to the front end mobile applications.

Maintain Existing Permissions

It takes years for businesses to develop the current permission structure that safeguards files and folders in local file servers. CentreStack maintains the existing NTFS permissions and safeguards.

Maintain Compliance

Centrally manage users, access controls, and storage. Easily keep track of where the data is, who has access and how it’s being shared. Admins can perform audits of GDPR and HIPAA compliance or keep track of any changes that have been made to individual files.

Enhance Data Security

CentreStack includes military grade end point encryption to protect files sitting on remote devices, in addition to data-in-transit encryption for file transfer and data-at-rest encryption for data storage.

Central File Repository

CentreStack gives businesses a central file repository that they own and can consolidate file servers into a centralized cloud file server instead of allowing files to scatter and leak to 3rd party services.

Central Control

Integrate natively with Active Directory, so user identities and file accesses are centrally controlled as before.

White Labeled File Sharing

CentreStack provides a white labeled platform that makes it easy for MSP partners to build a private cloud file server solution.

Deployment Flexibility

CentreStack has the flexibility to be deployed on-premises, in Amazon data centers, Azure data centers, or any data center around the world that is the closest to your business.