Our Success Story


Doberman is a Managed Service Provider that uses CentreStack for cloud based file server and sharing.


Doberman was having issues with CAD file corruption with a previous solution provider. They almost lost an important client because of the files that were lost, so they needed a new provider for white label file sync & share services.

They also had previously used Dropbox as a white label sync & share service in the past, but Dropbox started to sell directly to consumers. Doberman did not like Dropbox competing directly with them as a channel sales partner.

Doberman wanted a solution that would be 100% channel sales, and that would solve their issue with CAD file corruption and prevent future issues.


Doberman selected CentreStack. Making the switch solved their issue with CAD file corruption immediately. They also really appreciate the relationship they have with CentreStack as a channel partner.

"They [CentreStack] value the partnership. From a relationship standpoint, they are always willing to do a call, to give tips on how you can increase baseline and revenue," said Ian Richardson, CEO & Founder of Doberman Technologies.

The fact that CentreStack is exclusively selling through third parties is essential for Doberman. They don't have to worry about competing with the company, or having to slash their higher profit margins to stay in business.


About a year ago our server crashed, had a major disk corruption event. Our restore was a couple weeks back, and there had been a fair amount of production data changes since then among clients. The CentreStack team did a custom solution so we could do a rollback and preserve production changes without significant data loss. We saved about 98% of data - there was no major client impact. They didn't have to do that. They went the extra mile, they brought development in, senior technical resources, and said 'Let's try to figure out a way that we can save this for you.'
Ian Richardson, CEO & Founder of Doberman Technologies.