Our Success Story


Funk Companies is a Managed Service Provider that uses CentreStack as a self-hosted central file repository.


Funk Companies did not have a file sharing or cloud solution for storage. This was an issue for accessibility - if a file was ever too large to share via email, then that person would have to use their own file sharing service such as Dropbox in order to access the file remotely. Taking the files out of their network then created an issue of file security.

Funk Companies wanted to find a solution for cloud storage and file sharing, but did not want to give up having the security of having 100% control over their file storage, as they did with the on premise servers where they stored all their data.


Funk Companies went with CentreStack Self-Hosted. The Self-Hosted option gives their clients the easy file sharing and cloud storage solution that they need.

The self-hosted solution enables Funk Companies to run CentreStack software which allows for easy file sharing with just a few clicks. And the best part: all the files are still stored in on-premise servers.

Its the best of both worlds for us - we have 100% control with CentreStack + 100% control with our servers! said Paul Burton, IT Administrator - Funk Companies. The ease of access has been the biggest improvement in the day-to-day for Funk

The ease of access has been the biggest improvement in the day-to-day for Funk Companies and their clients. Funks clients dont have to rely on a VPN or company computers to access their files security. Anyone can now simply go into a URL and login to access their files remotely, from any device.


I wish we had done it sooner. It has been a fantastic product. For those that are worried about data in the cloud - just use their expertise and software to get your own servers set up.
Paul Burton, IT Administrator - Funk Companies