Our Success Story


Kilpatrick IT Solutions is a desktop as a service operation with about 350 users and 75 servers.


Rock Solid Computer Services (RSCS) was using their on-premise servers for client storage needs. Their clients were having an issue with file sharing for any large files or sensitive files that needed extra security.

A significant portion of RSCS’ clients are in the legal, financial, and insurance industries. These clients have documents with important and sensitive client information. For these industries, there are regulations in Canada requiring assurances that certain data never leaves the boundaries of the country to be stored on servers outside Canada. Using cloud storage on another companies servers, RSCS would not be able to provide that assurance.


KITS now uses CentreStack for their file sharing purposes. Users are able to access their files and folders directly without the need for external storage. They can easily access from any device and choose what files to sync, and what devices to sync those files to.

In addition to easy interconnectivity between client devices, the ability to share with third parties has made life a lot easier.

“Clients can choose folders or files to share with third parties. This eliminates the use of outside sources and unauthorized file storage,” said Kevin.

CentreStack also seamlessly integrates with Active Directory, which is what KITS uses to manage all of their user access and permissions. “CentreStack can talk directly to active directory. So we don’t have to configure each user to CentreStack - once we have the files and folders provisioned in CentreStack to the client on their server, they just access it from the same URL they always used,” said Kevin.


Bottom line is our environment is pretty complex, and not your standard environment. Any time we run into an issue or configuration question, we have had sometimes when we need to talk directly to development - they are just all over it. We can talk to the people who can directly fix the issues, on the fly. My engineers love those guys.”
Kevin Kilpatrick, President, Kilpatrick IT Solutions