Our Success Story


CentreStack’s client, Tilt Technology is a MSP with hosted services in the Healthcare industry that uses CentreStack file sharing software with 99% of their clients.


Tilt Technology was using a file sharing solution, Cornerstone, that did not have a mobile or web application, so remote accessibility was a huge issue.

They were also suffering from other issues with the software: updates were frequently causing compatibility issues in their system - which would shut everything down until a fix could be applied. The man hours required to regularly apply bug fixes to get the server running was becoming a strain on business. They were also having trouble using Cornerstone to share files: file compression did not work well, which increased wait times and put additional strain on the system.

Also, “it didn't give us true location to location accessibility - so our customers weren’t able to easily access the files from wherever they wanted to access them from,” said Bill Stanford, co-founder of Tilt Technology.

Tilt wanted an easy solution for file sharing - something that would be compatible with their system, a file sharing solution that would be fast, user friendly, and easily accessible from anywhere.


Tilt Technology decided to integrate CentreStack. They use the software as both a standard offering in their cloud services and as a file sharing solution for non-cloud users, so they can easily share files between different server locations.

CentreStack solves the issue of ease of use and accessibility for Tilt Technology’s clients. CentreStack storage looks like just another storage drive on a computer. There is no complex interface - you can easily move files between folders just as if it were on your own computer.

“When our clients use CentreStack, it's like a nice mapped drive that can transfer back and forth to the file server - on their aspect it looks like any mapped drive as it would on a network environment - so they minimally have to hassle with getting it connected if it is disconnected,” said Bill.

For Tilt Technology, the beauty of using CentreStack is that it feels like a seamless part of the process, rather than an entirely separate software. “So far I have not found anyone else that allows us to do that,” Bill said.


CentreStack customer service has been fantastic. When we do run into issues they are very responsive, and they have been able to resolve any issues very quickly.
Bill Stanford, Co-founder @ Tilt Technology