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Using your own file servers and Windows infrastructure for a self-hosted file sharing solution.
Supports Active Directory integration.
Supports NTFS Permission for files and folders.
Supports multiple network shares.
Supports both external file sharing and remote file server access! 

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"Everybody globally has access to the same files, which are all up-to-date and accurate, from a system that's also secure and easy to implement."

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"Now we can go to any healthcare provider in the Netherlands and say this is all functioning according to Dutch healthcare regulations."



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"CentreStack is the best file server replacement solution on the market. They aren't just leading the market, but they basically created a new market."




Customer's Testimonial

CentreStack has done several things for us since its implementation. It’s moved us away from dedicated connections such as VPN and Remote Desktop for network access. It’s also moved us away from another network drive sharing program called FileCloud. FileCloud required separate accounts and would not tie into our Active Directory. The FileCloud accounts were only able to access one network folder at a time. So that made it very difficult to use when needing to access several folders.

  • FileCloud is Apache-based - For Windows administrators, Apache is not as easy to understand as the Internet Information Server (IIS). FileCloud can be set up inside a Windows Server. However, under the hood, it is a non-Windows technology stack. The apache web platform may be easy for Linux administrators to understand but not easy for Windows administrators.
  • FileCloud allows single Network Share - FileCloud solution allows the administrator to set up one network share. There are some import, export, and duplication actions that the administrators don't quite understand.

External File Sharing with Windows Infrastructure

There are two different self-hosted file-sharing solutions.

The first group of self-hosted file sharing solutions includes NextCloud, OwnCloud, and FileCloud. This group of solutions uses a Linux technology stack, including the Apache webserver. Most of them can be installed on a Windows server and work with Windows Infrastructure, but there is a difference between 100% compatible and 99% compatible.

The second group of self-hosted file sharing solutions includes CentreStack and Triofox, based on the Windows web platform. The Windows web platform consists of the Internet Information Server, the active directory, the SMB network shares, and the NTFS permissions. The Windows-based technology stack is 100% compatible with Windows infrastructure in the company.

There are two different self-hosted file-sharing solutions.

Why Windows Infrastructure Integration is Important

Since the pandemics, more and more employees are working from home. The remote employees are looking for a more productive way to access corporate file servers without a VPN. There are several reasons for that. VPN doesn't support offline editing, nor does it support HTTP streaming, while at the same time, VPN requires concurrent active connections on the corporate firewall and is generally slow. At the same time, some employees need to share files with external vendors, customers, and other parties. The need for cloud file sharing and remote file server access converge into one solution!

Share files and folders from the File Server over the Internet.

CentreStack makes it simple to share files and folders internally with team members and external partners, clients and vendors, or mobile workers outside of company premises.

You can share the files directly from your file server over the Internet, without waiting for the upload process to finish.

Employees will continue to use the familiar cloud drive mapping and file locking interface, in addition to using web browsers and mobile applications to access internal file servers.

Share files and folders from the File Server over the Internet.

Self-Hosted File Sharing for Windows

A solution that adds iPhone application, web browser interface, Windows mapped drive, and Mac Finder volume to Windows file server and turn Windows file server into a corporate web-based file server solution with web-base file sharing capability.

Drive Mapping

Creates a mapped drive on the user's desktop without the need to use a VPN.

Mobile Sharing

It provides mobile applications for file and folder access from mobile devices such as iPhone or Android phones.

File Locking

Lock files-in-use or checking out files for offline access. Either way, file locking is a necessary feature for team collaboration.

Web Interface

Web browser-based file manager is an integral part of the solution. It is responsive, interactive, and straightforward to use.

Cloud Drive Mapping Highlights

Cloud Drive Mapping

A familiar mapped drive is always on the remote devices, with offline editing and local caching to compliment remote web access without using a VPN.


CentreStack integrates with Office 365 for web-based co-editing and co-authoring for files inside the shared folder.

Large Folder

Use Outlook integration to share large folders or files as web links via email.

Link Sharing

Use web links to share files and folders with recipients or to receive files.

Cloud Drive Mapping Highlights

Audit Trace

Audit trace and file change logs provide centralized auditing and reporting for remote web access and file sharing.

Folder Permissions

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure or inherit from NTFS permissions directly.

Secure Data Room

Web-based secure data room allows view-only access with download disabled.

User Rights

You can define user rights for folder sharing from internal Active Directory users to external clients and partners.

Windows File Server Web Sharing Made Easy!


We know centralized data ownership is essential.

It is ubiquitous for companies to keep internal file servers for various reasons, including application compatibility to business continuity. It is straightforward to use a file-sharing solution that integrates 100% with the existing file server data storage and the Windows infrastructure protecting the file servers.


Guarantee data privacy. Retain data ownership by keeping data on-premises or in private clouds controlled by the business.


Centrally manage granular NTFS permissions and Active Directory users with auditing, change history, and reporting for all activities.


CentreStack has well-thought-out file server integration with Active Directory, file shares, and NTFS Permissions, making it easy for CIOs to manage data.


We know good usability is high productivity.

When the solution combines different business use cases on one single data platform, your file servers already have a significant usability improvement. Now employees have one place to go for secure remote access and mobile file sharing. Additionally, features like drive mapping, file locking, and offline editing enhance usability further.


Simplify file server access with client agent software from mapped drives on Windows and Mac, mobile applications and web browsers.


Remote users get a cloud mapped drive letter to access files with permissions, file locking, offline editing and version control features.


On-Demand and selective synchronization with local cache encryption give remote endpoint flexibility and security.


CentreStack is for businesses and service providers to deploy or host an on-premises file sharing solution privately. The solution provides an access layer (browser, mobile, desktop, and file server access) on Windows file servers. The platform does this while retaining complete control of data and the related access infrastructure.

Better Windows Infrastructure Support

Using the Windows web platform as the technology stack for CentreStack, the solution integrates well with the surrounding Windows Infrastructure and Windows components, including Active Directory and NTFS permissions.

Access to Multiple Network Shares

CentreStack allows multiple file servers and network shares, including SMB and DFS shares, to be published over HTTPS to the remote workers. Employees can access the file servers without using a VPN with multiple drive letters on their remote devices. The new access methods support offline editing, remote caching, and better remote working performance.

Combine File Sharing and Remote Access

The need for employees to access corporate file servers and some business units need to share files with external parties co-exist. If the two solutions between file-sharing and remote-access are different, the solutions will create separate data silos and, over time, create data-sprawling problems. A single solution is much easier for data management.

Easier for Windows Administrators

Windows administrators are already familiar with Active Directory, NTFS permissions, and the Internet Information Server. When a file-sharing solution and remote-file-access solution leverage the same set of Windows components, the current Windows administrators find it easy to learn and integrate a new solution into the existing Windows Infrastructure.

Simpler Centralized Management

Administrators can be overwhelmed managing data across file servers, other file-sharing solution's accounts, email and other file access or sharing mechanisms. CentreStack provides a single platform with unified management for all access scenarios.

Centrally Manage Granular Folder Permissions

For complete control and visibility, administrators can manage permissions from the file server that was their source or natively with CentreStack.

Simplified Sharing

CentreStack does not require that all the users exist in Active Directory. Users may right-click to share content with anyone who has an email address.

Instant Migration

CentreStack adds cloud backup features to file servers. For file server network shares, optionally, the administrators can migrate them to the cloud.

White Labeled File Sharing Solution

CentreStack provides a white-labeled platform that makes it easy for businesses to build a corporate-owned and corporate branded file sharing service.

File Locking

CentreStack provides two levels of file locking and version controls to protect distributed access. Files are locked automatically when online, and users can also do manual check-out when planning to go offline.

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