Our Success Story


Nexanet GmbH is a Swiss MSP with managed services, who uses CentreStack as a cloud storage solution for all of their clients.


Nexanet's customer base typically are 1-10 staff operations who did not have a file server. Many of them wanted a cloud based file storage solution so they could access their files from anywhere, with ease.

Nexanet was not providing any cloud storage or file share solution, but was interested in adding that to their services. They wanted something that could help them to grow revenue, and that is well designed and would integrate easily with their system.


Nexanet chose CentreStack as their cloud based file server. One of the deciding factors was system design.

"I looked at a lot of software from different vendors. A lot of them were Microsoft based but used Linux features. If you design it right, you either go all Linux or all Microsoft. CentreStack has the best design," said Matt Bosshard of Nexanet GmbH

Another reason they chose to go with CentreStack is the scalability of the


I've had a great experience with CentreStack customer service. They are really responsive, even at night. They always get things sorted out.