Our Success Story


CentreStack allows Rock Solid Computer Services, a MSP (managed services) based in Canada, to easily share sensitive files with their on-premise servers.


Rock Solid Computer Services (RSCS) was using their on-premise servers for client storage needs. Their clients were having an issue with file sharing for any large or sensitive files that needed extra security.

A significant portion of RSCS' clients are in the legal, financial, and insurance industries. These clients have documents with important and sensitive client information. For these industries, there are regulations in Canada requiring assurances that certain data never leaves the boundaries of the country to be stored on servers outside Canada. Using cloud storage on another companies servers, RSCS would not be able to provide that assurance.


RSCS found the perfect solution, and initially, it was Anchor. However, the implementation of the product was not going well, and then they discovered CentreStack. They were able to implement CentreStack without issue.

RSCS uses CentreStack as a self-hosted file repository and cloud based file sharing solution. Because all of RSCS' servers are based in Canada, they can now provide their clients with CentreStack's simple and secure file sharing capabilities, all while being able to provide the regulatory assurance that the data is securely within the borders.


The biggest highlight has been the response time - any time we report either issues or feature requests, I would say 75% of the time, either the fix or the feature is added within the week. There are weekly updates, they are smooth and easy. The response time of the development team has been astounding.
Dean Bishop - Rock Solid Computer Services