Case Study
Damecon / StorXS

Damecon (aka StorXS), a Netherlands based MSP, uses CentreStack and privately hosted file servers to help their clients remain compliant in a strict regulatory environment.


  • MSP with Hosted File Servers


  • VPN
  • Internally Developed Product


  • Central File Repository
  • Direct File Sharing
  • Remote File Sharing
  • Cloud-Based File Server

Now we can go to any healthcare provider in the Netherlands and say ‘this is all functioning according to Dutch healthcare regulations.’

Director & Co-owner, Damecon


The majority of Damecon’s clients use Office 365, but many of them are in the healthcare industry which, in the Netherlands, has even stricter regulations than in the United States. These regulations call for specific data storage requirements. Many Damecon clients have physical file servers or employ a hybrid with cloud storage and physical servers, and it is important to have regular compliance checks to stay within regulations.

Damecon needed an easy solution that could be a bridge for Office 365 to the client’s existing storage solution with easy management tools.

“We're now seeing more awareness from people with Office 365. There is no management, no additional tools, so people start to worry about ‘where do I put my data?’” said Rob Christ, Director and Co-owner at Damecon.

They also needed a solution that could keep their healthcare clients compliant with the regulation standards of the Netherlands.

Recognizing their clients’ concerns, Funk Companies sought out a solution for cloud storage and file sharing that offered greater accessibility without sacrificing the security of hosting on local servers.


CentreStack solves the problem of easy data storage with Office 365. With CentreStack integration, the Office 365 auto-save feature can be set to save on any file server that you choose, not just the Microsoft cloud, as is the default with Office 365.

The CentreStack team is also working with Damecon for customized compliancy checks that will meet the strict standards for healthcare regulations in the Netherlands.

“Now we can go to any healthcare provider in the Netherlands and say ‘this is all functioning according to Dutch healthcare regulations,’” said Rob.



CentreStack enables Damecon’s customers who are Office 365 users to store their data on hosted file servers in a compliant Dutch datacenter.


They developed a custom compliancy check to meet the stricter standards of Dutch healthcare regulations, allowing Damecon to expand in Healthcare.


“What makes CenterStack great is we can do so much and tailor make it for each customer. That can help the customer on their file management journey.”


“I can add CentreStack on top of an existing file sharing environment, and integrate it with the authentication that they use without migrating data.”

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