Windows Cloud Drive & Folder Synchronization with Wasabi Storage

Have an Wasabi Storage mapped cloud drive on your Windows desktop as if it were an external remote drive mounted locally. Move your corporate file server to Wasabi Storage for easy remote file access and team collaboration.

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Stephen Monk

CentreStack is the best file server replacement solution on the market. They aren’t just leading the market, but they basically created a new market - none of the other products can do the things that I can do with CentreStack.

Stephen Monk
CEO, Noverus Innovations

Unleash the Power of Wasabi Hot Storage

Wasabi Hot Storage is the most affordable and powerful cloud storage service in the industry. Wasabi is 1/5 the price and 6x as fast as alternative cloud storage services like Amazon S3.

Wasabi is a cloud object storage that is compatible with Amazon S3. It can be integrated with AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure solutions, using the same protocol and tools. Wasabi is a value-oriented, high-performance, low-latency, and high-availability cloud object storage offering.

Unleash the power of Wasabi Storage as an enterprise cloud file server with remote access via desktop drives, secure file sharing via web browsers, and accompanied by mobile applications on iOS and Android devices.

Drive Mapping and File Server Compatibility

Why use CentreStack instead of other cloud solutions? 

Drive Mapping and File Server Compatibility

Tired of using cloud services that do not offer the familiarity and functionality of a traditional file server?

Introducing CentreStack - the ultimate solution for drive mapping and file server compatibility. With our platform, you can easily manage and access your files centrally. Our unique features include native support for file locking, drive mapping, and NTFS permissions, so your users can seamlessly access their familiar P, Q, R, and S drives with their existing usernames, passwords, and permissions. Do not settle for less. Choose CentreStack if you want a truly unparalleled cloud file server experience.

We love the ability to assign drive letters to PCs. And file locking just works automatically as files are opened.

The Solution - Remote Shared Folders for Windows Servers

Simplify User Training

Every mobile worker knows about mapping local drives to access a central file server. A mapped cloud drive provides the same user experience and saves time and money on user training.

Reduce Costs

A cloud drive mapping supports on-demand access, so laptops with smaller SSD drives can see the full extent of the shared cloud drive without having to store 100% of the cloud drive content locally. Mobile workers aren't forced to upgrade their remote devices, saving costs.

Best of Both Worlds

Combines the security and control of Windows file servers with the ease of use and productivity of the cloud with a single drive letter.

The Solution - Remote Shared Folders for Windows Servers

Permission Control

Has a simpler strategy for migrating and configuring permissions than SharePoint, Dropbox or Google Drive - inherits them directly from the file server.

Endpoint Protection

It's easier to protect a cloud drive mapping than a local sync folder. The local folder resides on the hard drive, and if the device is stolen, the files and folders are in the wrong hands. In contrast, a mapped cloud drive is virtually unplugged when it is not active.

File Locking

With a mapped cloud drive, file locking is possible, while a local sync folder cannot provide file locking.

Wasabi Cloud Drive Client Agent Features

Once the Windows client agent software is deployed on the user's Windows desktop machine, the mapped cloud drive will appear in the Windows operating system like a pluggable external drive with the following features.


The user sees the files and folders, but the files are downloaded only when they are needed, so the local hard disk can be much smaller than the entire contents of the file server.


Automatic file locking locks files when the user is actively working on them. Manual file locking is also available to check out files and check them back in after changes.


For modified files, previous versions of the file are saved in case they are useful at a later time. Version history and retention policies are available.


Files and folders that are used frequently can be marked as favorites for offline access. Files marked as offline are preloaded into the local cache for later use.


Detect suspicious activity and block ransomware on endpoints. When an unusual frequency of file changes is detected, the protection mechanism kicks in and locks the device.


Unlike VPN connections, where file transfer can be interrupted if the underlying Internet connection is unstable, additional reliability features have been built in to overcome Internet interruptions.


For large files with small local changes, binary differential blocks are calculated, and the individual blocks are uploaded instead of the entire file to save bandwidth and time.


For files that are in the local file cache, encryption is available to protect these files that have been downloaded to the local cache. Without a successful login, these files remain encrypted at rest and are protected.


Audit traces and file change history logs are available to analyze who changed which files on the local machine and when, or moved files and folders from which source to which destination.

Folder Synchronization

Folder Synchronization

Cloud drive mapper and folder synchronization work hand-in-hand to provide additional business continuity capabilities for business users. Synchronize the on-premises "Documents" folder with the enterprise cloud file server backed by private Wasabi Hot Storage for easy offline editing and with endpoint backup.

Check out the following folder synchronization features!

Offline Editing

Local files can be read and modified when the laptop is not connected.

Version Control

Version control can be used to resolve conflicts with offline editing mode.

Endpoint Backup

Folders from edge device can be backed up to central corporate file servers.

Cloud Backup

Shared folders on the file server network can be backed up to private cloud storage accounts.

Reverse Synchronization

Files and folders in the cloud can be reverse-synced to the local device to create a local backup.

Conflict Detection

If employees go offline and continue to modify files, the source version of the modification is recorded for later comparison.

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