Case Study
Computerware, Inc.

Computerware Inc., an MSP with managed services, finds more revenue and a simplified user experience through CentreStack.


  • Construction


  • Guest Portal
  • Central File Repository
  • Direct File Sharing
  • Remote File Sharing
  • Cloud-Based File Server


  • Anchor
  • SharePoint
  • Egnyte


  • Simplify User Experience
  • Add Revenue Stream
  • Reduce Costs

Franklyn (CentreStack/Gladinet co-founder) is a wealth of knowledge. He definitely wants to help make sure that we, as a company, are successful with his product. He seems most interested in making us success.

President, Computerware, Inc.


Computerware’s clients were having issues integrating a file sync and share solution into their workflow. The applications they were providing were confusing for their clients and added extra steps to the process of saving and sharing files.

“If you were on your laptop trying to get to the shared documents, they didn’t do it with a drive letter, they did it with WebDav - so you had a separate icon outside of your file storage area you had to click on and that didn’t always connect,” said Chip Evans, President of Computerware Inc.

They also had an issue with an important medical industry client who was using SharePoint. The SharePoint software had a new update in which documents started auto-saving without their knowledge. This completely disrupted their workflow and was a cause for lost data.


Computerware switched to CentreStack. For their clients, using CentreStack is much easier, which has reduced the time Computerware spends troubleshooting and problem solving with their previous solutions.

“With CentreStack, when you are saving files on your computer, you don’t have to go to any external icon. It is just a letter drive and looks like it is already part of your computer’s file storage. CentreStack is way easier,” Chip said.

For their medical industry client who had the SharePoint issue, they switched them over to CentreStack. “Now they use CentreStack as their cloud file server, they have all their data there.That is their file server. Because they are a medical firm, they need their data reliably and quickly, and CentreStack is the perfect solution for them,” said Chip.



“We host CentreStack ourselves in Azure. The licensing is through ASCII, so we have a special buy and the licensing is very inexpensive,” said Chip.


With CentreStack, “the product allows us a minimum of a 50% margin,” Chip said.


“Our engineers get the answers they need quickly. The customer service has been good,“ said Chip.

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