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"We try to help our customers with a better journey to the cloud, and CentreStack is a big piece of that for us. We can also leverage AWS (Amazon Web Service), Microsoft Azure, or a local data center to host the CentreStack solution with our brand."

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Simple cloud migration- The cloud migration process is simple and tailored to clients' needs. We can take the time to migrate individual users to the cloud over days or weeks rather than requiring everything to be done in one night. What kills in data migration is rushing through it, and with CentreStack we can take our time.

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Private File Sharing for Managed Service Providers

The Challenge of Cloud Migration

As an MSP, your customers may look to cloud solutions as they face difficulties accessing traditional file servers from mobile devices. Cloud migration may also be viewed as a way to avoid server replacement and management costs. However, cloud migration can be time-consuming as users are trained to work with the new platform, and admins have to reconfigure access permissions and folder structures. Additionally, as data is migrated away from their file servers to third-party services like Dropbox, SharePoint, and OneDrive, it introduces a strategic threat to your business since their critical business data is in the control of a third party.

The CentreStack Solution

CentreStack provides a way for you to maintain control by becoming a cloud provider. Simply install the CentreStack package on Amazon EC2 servers and configure it with Amazon S3 storage to create a multi-tenant, self-hosted file sharing platform in Amazon with your branding. You can do this for free with existing Amazon credits that you may not be using in many cases. You can deploy the same in Microsoft Azure data center with Azure Compute instances and Azure Blob Storage. If you are outside of the United States, you can also deploy CentreStack to any data center you choose.

After the CentreStack server is deployed, you can install agents on customer file servers to synchronize existing file shares, users, and permissions to the cloud. Users can continue to use the existing shares until the migration is complete. Once the migration is completed, the file server can be kept as a local gateway or retired to create a cloud-only file access and collaboration platform. The process is so seamless that users generally require no downtime and minimal, if any, training.

MSP Solution Highlights

MSP Solution Highlights

Channel Friendly

CentreStack focuses on selling through MSP partners and will only sell directly to enterprises with more than 150 employees with their own internal IT departments.

White Label Branding

The product name, user interfaces, and even the mobile clients can be easily white-labeled.

Native Integration

CentreStack integrates natively with an MSP's existing infrastructure, including on-premises file servers, hosted file servers, and Amazon or Azure data centers.


The CentreStack solution is multi-tenant ready with a single pane of glass to manage tenant assets, from file shares and users to storage consumption.

Partner Support

CentreStack's development and support teams work closely with partners to collect feedback for enhancements. Product updates are then delivered within weeks.

CentreStack Solution Benefits

Enhance data control and security while reducing server management and replacement costs!


Continue to retain ownership of file server data while helping clients with a managed file sync and share solution.


Put CentreStack into the cloud solution portfolio and managed service contract to boost MSP revenue.


Use CentreStack to replace costly VPN solutions for file access and sharing to reduce support ticket cost.

Productivity Benefits

Enhanced productivity for remote workers and mobile devices accessing files.


CentreStack gives the end user a mapped drive letter to access files and folders using natively integrated Active Directory and permission and with file locking. Users do not require additional training.


CentreStack provides the administrator with a single multi-tenant dashboard from any modern web browser to manage tenants, users, storage consumption, and shared folders. Audit trace and file change history are a plus for compliances


With features like file server migration to the cloud, on-demand synchronization, or end-point encryption, it is a file server-friendly solution to take care of big datasets, access control, and remote devices with a small capacity.

White-Label File Sharing Common Features

CentreStack eliminates the common drawbacks of remote file server access and online folder sharing solutions and provides the best of both worlds – the security and control of local file servers combined with the efficiency and productivity gains of online folder sharing and file sharing over the Internet.

White-Label File Sharing Common Features


CentreStack integrates with Office 365 for web-based co-editing and co-authoring for files inside the shared folder.

Large Folder

Use Outlook integration to share large folders or files as web links via email.

Link Sharing

Convert shared files and shared folders into web links for direct access over web browsers.

Mobile Application

Access shared files and shared folders from mobile devices such as from iPhone or Android phones.

Cloud Drive Mapping Highlights

Folder Permissions

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure or inherit from NTFS permissions directly.

Secure Data Room

Web-based secure data room allows view-only access to shared folders with download disabled.

User Rights

From internal Active Directory users to external clients and partners, you can define user rights for folder sharing.

Version Control

Shared folders are put under version control, and notifications are available for users subscribed to the folders.

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