Customizable File-Sharing for Brand Enhancement

Secure, Branded File Management and Sharing Solution

CentreStack's 'Customizable File-Sharing for Brand Enhancement' transforms file sharing into a brand-strengthening tool. It offers secure, efficient management with full branding capabilities, integrating seamlessly with existing systems to enhance your brand's presence and meet operational needs.

CentreStack's 'Customizable File-Sharing for Brand Enhancement' transforms your file-sharing platform into a potent brand extension. Designed for businesses, it offers secure, efficient file management while promoting your brand identity through multi-tenancy and full branding options, including logos and colors. It integrates smoothly with existing systems, enhancing brand presence and operational efficiency. This solution not only meets operational needs but also amplifies your brand's voice with every file shared.


In today's digital landscape, businesses face the daunting challenge of managing and sharing files securely while ensuring their brand identity shines through every interaction. The complexities of integrating a customizable file-sharing solution that aligns with your brand's unique identity, without compromising on security or efficiency, are significant. These challenges can hinder operational efficiency and dilute your brand's presence in a crowded market.

Brand Invisibility

Struggling to maintain a consistent brand identity across all digital platforms, leading to missed opportunities for brand reinforcement.

Operational Inefficiencies

Dealing with fragmented file-sharing systems that are difficult to scale and lack a unified brand presence, causing operational bottlenecks.

Security Concerns

Navigating the complexities of ensuring data security while sharing files with external clients and internal users, without a customizable solution.

Integration Hurdles

Facing challenges in seamlessly integrating with existing systems like Active Directory and cloud storage solutions, complicating file management.

Facing these obstacles? Discover how our 'Customizable File-Sharing for Brand Enhancement' solution transforms these challenges into opportunities.

Existing Solutions and Their Limitations

In the quest for a customizable file-sharing solution that enhances brand presence, businesses often encounter significant limitations with existing market offerings. Despite the plethora of options available, from VPNs and FTPs to cloud-based services like Dropbox and SharePoint, none seem to fully address the nuanced needs of brand-centric file management. These solutions, while popular, often fall short in providing the flexibility, security, and customization required for a truly branded experience, leaving businesses grappling with generic, one-size-fits-all platforms that dilute their brand identity rather than amplify it.

Limited Customization

Solutions like Dropbox and Box offer minimal branding options, restricting businesses to logo changes at best, which hardly scratches the surface of true brand integration.

Security Concerns

VPN and FTP setups, while traditional, pose significant security risks and lack the robust, modern encryption standards required for safe file sharing in today's digital landscape.

Lack of Multi-Tenancy

Platforms such as SharePoint and OneDrive often do not support multi-tenancy, a critical feature for businesses managing files across multiple departments or client accounts.

Inadequate API Integration

Competing solutions frequently offer limited or no API integration, hindering seamless connectivity with existing systems and complicating the user experience.

Introducing CentreStack

Enhance your brand's presence with our 'Customizable File-Sharing Solution'. Achieve superior operational efficiency, secure file management, and seamless brand integration to distinguish yourself in the digital marketplace.

Enhanced Brand Presence

Elevate your brand identity with customizable interfaces, ensuring every file shared reinforces your brand's visual and ethical standards.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline file management with a solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems, reducing operational bottlenecks and improving productivity.

Secure File Sharing

Leverage advanced encryption standards and detailed audit trails for secure file sharing, ensuring data protection and compliance.

Scalable Solutions

Grow your business confidently with a scalable file-sharing platform that supports multi-tenancy and adapts to your evolving needs.

Explore the 'Customizable File-Sharing for Brand Enhancement' feature to elevate your file-sharing capabilities and enhance your brand's digital presence.

Elevate your brand with secure, customizable file-sharing. Discover how!

Cloud Drive Mapping

Drive mapping is an important feature for online file access. End users can easily drag and drop files and folders from a set of mapped drives over the Internet without a VPN connection.

Global File Locking

File locking is a vital feature for online file access and team collaboration to avoid conflicts. End users need to control global concurrent online file access by using file locking to maintain consistency.

Permission Control

Dropbox and Google Drive don't have the same level of centralized control as a file server. You might miss the NTFS permissions and the ability to know where your data is, who has access to it and what they're doing with it.

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Elevate your brand and secure file sharing with our customizable solution. Discover the difference today.

How It Works Diagram - Two flavors of CentreStack

CentreStack Online

We host CentreStack for you in AWS

Organizations need to enhance mobility and productivity through streamlined remote access and collaboration. CIOs seek online solutions with seamless cloud integration to minimize disruption and reduce employee retraining for new cloud storage systems.

Mapped Drives

Remotely access file shares from a drive letter without the need for a VPN. Cloud replication is optional!

File Locking

Provides full support for file locking from the cloud, with a familiar file server locking experience.

File Servers

Solve file server sync and share problems while facilitating mobile access and business continuity.

Mobile Access

Connect to your file server with a mobile device and edit directly using Microsoft Office Mobile Apps.


Use web links to share files and folders with recipients or receive files directly from a web browser.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications provide file server remote access from iOS and Android devices.

CentreStack Server

Self-Hosted CentreStack Server Installation

Implement a private cloud file-sharing and secure remote access solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, enabling you to serve your clients efficiently and effectively.


From our success stories, MSPs making $24K and have 80% margins. It is an excellent way for MSPs to enhance their service portfolio.


CentreStack adopts a single-pane-of-glass management model, allowing MSPs to manage the solution from one single web interface.


CentreStack is multi-tenant by design, making it easy for MSP to set up and support multiple clients from one single deployment.

White Label

CentreStack is a white-label solution supporting complete branding from web interface to mobile applications.


CentreStack integrates with file servers, AWS, Azure, and google. The integration makes it easy for MSPs to deploy solutions.


CentreStack partner programs offer marketing collaterals and partner incentives and assistance for solution deployments.

If you are an enterprise seeking a self-hosted solution that complements your existing IT infrastructure with enhanced remote access and collaboration capabilities, explore Triofox—our robust sibling solution designed specifically for larger organizations.

How It Works

Our 'Customizable File-Sharing for Brand Enhancement' solution upgrades your file-sharing system into a robust brand asset. It ensures secure, efficient, and brand-aligned file management and sharing, integrating flawlessly with your current infrastructure.


Multi-Tenancy Support

Enables management of separate client organizations or departments under one console, ensuring data segregation and customized experiences for each tenant.


Full Branding Capabilities

Allows customization of the user interface, including logos and color schemes, making the file-sharing platform a seamless extension of your brand identity.


Seamless Integration

Facilitates integration with existing systems like Active Directory and cloud storage solutions, enhancing functionality and security without disrupting current operations.


Secure File Sharing

Offers advanced security features, including detailed audit trails, data leakage prevention, and ransomware protection, ensuring your files are shared securely.


Ease of Use

Designed for simplicity, our solution allows for easy setup and management, enabling you to focus on your core business activities without IT complexities.


Scalable Solution

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our platform scales with your needs, supporting growth without sacrificing performance or security.

Secure, Efficient Management with Branding Focus

Ready to elevate your brand and streamline operations with secure, customizable file-sharing? CentreStack offers unparalleled brand enhancement, operational efficiency, and security. Don't let operational bottlenecks and brand invisibility hold you back. Click 'Try CentreStack Free' now to transform your file management into a powerful brand asset.

Our Recent Case Studies

Transforming Collaboration with Custom File Sharing

A global leader in data engineering and AI revolutionized their operational efficiency and brand presence through our customizable file-sharing solution. Facing challenges in external collaboration and brand consistency, they sought a solution that offered customizable branding, multi-tenancy capabilities, and seamless API integration. Our solution not only streamlined their file management and sharing processes but also reinforced their brand identity across all client interactions, setting a new industry benchmark for digital collaboration and data sharing. This case underscores the transformative power of tailored digital solutions in enhancing brand enhancement and operational efficiency.

Revolutionizing IT with Secure File Sharing

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in IT solutions for healthcare and SMBs overcame challenges in operational efficiency and data security with a leading IT solution provider's Sync4Share. This partnership, formalized in spring 2023, enhanced data security, streamlined IT integration, and offered predictable pricing, significantly improving client satisfaction and operational efficiency. The MSP's success story underscores the transformative impact of secure, efficient IT solutions on managed service providers, showcasing a leap in client satisfaction and operational capabilities.

Elevating IT Efficiency & Brand Presence

A Managed Service Provider in the commercial building management sector revolutionized their IT operations and brand visibility through a customizable cloud-based file-sharing solution. Facing challenges with on-premise storage inefficiencies and compliance, they sought a solution that offered external sharing, brand customization, and seamless integration with existing cloud services. The successful implementation enhanced operational efficiency, client satisfaction, and compliance adherence, showcasing the solution's versatility and impact across industries. This case study highlights the transformative power of tailored IT solutions in boosting brand enhancement and operational excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions: All You Need to Know

Can CentreStack be fully customized to match our company identity?

Yes, CentreStack offers full branding solutions, allowing you to customize the entire portal, including the web portal, client, and even the mobile app splash screens, to match your company identity.

How does CentreStack ensure secure file management and sharing?

CentreStack integrates with Active Directory for seamless permission control and supports data encryption at rest, ensuring secure and compliant data handling.

Can I set up a custom domain and SSL certificate for each tenant?

Yes, you can set up a custom domain for each tenant and use your own SSL certificate. This enhances the brand experience for your clients by allowing for customization such as subdomains.

What deployment options does CentreStack provide?

CentreStack offers both on-premises and cloud-based solutions, providing flexibility in deployment based on your infrastructure and client needs.

Is CentreStack a suitable solution for smaller companies without IT departments?

Yes, CentreStack is designed to provide a simple user experience for end users, making it suitable for smaller companies without IT departments.

How can CentreStack be integrated with existing storage solutions?

CentreStack can integrate with S3 storage solutions, allowing files to be stored on your S3 solution, and supports NTFS permissions for detailed control over file access and security.

What is the minimum number of licenses required to start with CentreStack?

The minimum number of licenses required are ten for the Office Edition, and a minimum of 20 for Business and Enterprise Edition.

How does CentreStack handle external sharing and guest accounts?

External sharing with read-only access is free and unlimited. For full access, CentreStack will automatically create a guest account in our platform, allowing up to three free guest accounts for each normal user license purchased.

More Features


Active Directory Integration ensures secure, efficient cloud transition with single sign-on, streamlined user management, and security compliance.


Global File Locking prevents simultaneous edits, ensuring document security and collaboration efficiency across Triofox and CentreStack platforms.


Advanced ransomware protection for businesses, ensuring data integrity and continuity with blocking, recovery, and automatic file restoration features.


Enhance document control with granular file access permissions, boosting security and collaboration in digital workspaces.


Seamless cloud integration for file management, offering effortless, secure access to cloud files without VPNs or manual setups.


Enhance productivity with offline access, syncing changes when online. Ideal for remote work and unreliable internet areas.


Simplify cloud management with seamless installation and effortless use for businesses, enhancing remote work and file access reliability.


Expert technical support for seamless integration, optimization, and Azure AD. Ensuring operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


Simplifies license management for cost control and scalability, ensuring operational efficiency with Triofox and CentreStack for businesses of all sizes.


Seamlessly migrate data to the cloud while preserving NTFS permissions for security, compliance, and operational efficiency.


Revolutionizes remote file access without cloud migration, ensuring secure, seamless, and productive management with cloud-like functionalities.


Scalable, secure cloud storage integration across AWS, Azure, Wasabi, Dropbox for efficient data management, compliance, and remote collaboration.

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