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Turn AWS EC2 and AWS S3 into a secure file sharing and data protection solution!

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"CentreStack is the best file server replacement solution on the market. They aren't just leading the market, but they basically created a new market."




Amazon S3 lays a perfect foundation for a secure file sharing service.


Challenges of AWS

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. However, it is not something the end-user can use directly.

For the most part, Amazon Web Services (AWS) are designed for independent software vendors (ISVs) to build business solutions and not for direct use. Some are more user-friendly, like Amazon Aurora DB and EC2 Virtual Machines, but most are meant to be used via API by ISVs.

Challenges of AWS

AWS File Sharing Solution

CentreStack is a solution that adds iPhone application, web browser interface, and Windows mapped drive, and Mac Finder volume to Amazon S3 buckets and turns Amazon S3 into a corporate cloud file server solution.

Remote Access

Combines on-premise file servers and Amazon S3 for secure remote access without the need to use a VPN.

Disaster Recovery

Leverages Amazon S3 as a central cloud file repository with version control, file change history, and audit tracing to provide business continuity for file servers on-premises.

Mobile Sharing

Uses Amazon S3 storage in the cloud for secure mobile file sharing from a web browser or mobile application.

Cloud Migration

Sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and Amazon S3 storage that can be seamlessly converted to AWS only later.

Using AWS as a File Server

CentreStack, with the AWS API integration, adds secure remote access and file sharing, disaster prevention, and recovery to file server on-premises with easy cloud migration to Amazon Web Services.


CentreStack combines file servers and AWS for secure remote access and file sharing.


CentreStack leverages AWS as a central cloud file repository with version control, file change history, and audit tracing to provide business continuity for file servers on-premises.


CentreStack sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and AWS that can be seamlessly converted to AWS only. The result is a cloud file server on top of AWS instead of on-premise.

CentreStack Feature Highlights

CentreStack adds secure file-sharing capabilities on top of Amazon S3. At the same time, it has tight integration with on-premise file servers as well. As a result, CentreStack enables files and folders to flow between on-premise file servers and Amazon S3 and turns both into an Internet-facing hybrid file server solution and a secure file sharing solution.

CentreStack Feature Highlights

Map Cloud Drive

Remotely access files in cloud storage from a mapped drive letter without the need for a VPN. Mobile applications included!

On-Demand Synchronization

Minimize storage and bandwidth consumption by automatically syncing and caching only the files you need.

Endpoint Protection

Encrypt remote agent caches or revoke remote agent access privileges from a central management console.

Offline Access

Access shared files and shared folders in an offline mode detached from the Internet and synchronize when back online.

Cloud Drive Mapping Highlights

Folder Permissions

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure or inherit from NTFS permissions directly.

Secure Data Room

Web-based secure data room allows view-only access to shared folders with download disabled.

Active Directory

From internal Active Directory users to external clients and partners, you can define user rights for folder sharing.

Version Control

CentreStack adds version control and file protection from cloud storage to the local file server.

Take Your File Servers to Amazon S3

Are you taking your on-premise file servers to Amazon S3 or bring Amazon S3 closer to your on-premise file server? CentreStack helps you create a hybrid cloud file server solution with a full range of secure file sharing capabilities. You can start using AWS as a file server without giving up your on-premise file server.

Take Your File Servers to Amazon S3

Deployment Option #1

Hybrid Local File Servers with Amazon S3

CentreStack File Server Agent installed on the file server that will migrate to AWS over time. Supports Windows 2016/2019/2022 (32-bit/64-bit).

If the file server is in the same network as the CentreStack server, a direct connection is also possible (see Option #2). The file server is optional if you have other ways to migrate data to AWS S3 and want a simple locally mapped drive to access the files and folders via a familiar Windows Explorer interface.

Hybrid File Servers

Deployment Option #2

File Servers with Direct Cloud Access

If you've already migrated local file server data into the AWS data center with AWS VPC (EC2 servers), CentreStack provides a direct file access solution from remote devices and mobile devices.

File Server as the Cloud

Additional Benefits of CentreStack

CentreStack file server integration and enablement solves these problems by installing agent software on your file server or directly mounting your file server network share into CentreStack when direct access is available. It intelligently manages local and cloud storage together to provide a range of cloud enablement options.

The active directory security and NTFS permission model remain unchanged. And drive mapping functionality is kept, so end users get a familiar drive letter to access files from remote locations. File locking is also maintained for multiple users collaborating on the same file at the same time.

The result is that the file server network shares synchronization with AWS. CentreStack provides a complete access solution from Windows mapped drives; Mac Finder mounted volumes; to iOS and Android applications; and access the Amazon S3 storage securely.

Enhance Data Security

CentreStack includes military-grade endpoint encryption to protect files sitting on remote devices, in addition to data-in-transit encryption for file transfer and data-at-rest encryption for data storage.

Maintain Existing Permissions

It takes years for businesses to develop the current permission structure that safeguards files and folders in local file servers. CentreStack maintains the existing NTFS permissions and safeguards.

Retain Data Ownership

Businesses can offer a file sharing and mobile access solution to their employees while owning and controlling everything from the back-end storage services to the front-end mobile applications.

Maintain Compliance

Centrally manage users, access controls, and storage. Easily keep track of where the data is, who has access and how it's shared. Admins can perform audits of GDPR and HIPAA compliance or keep track of any changes made to individual files.

Central Repository

CentreStack gives businesses a central file repository that they own and can consolidate file servers into a centralized cloud file server instead of allowing files to scatter and leak to 3rd party services.

Central Control

Integrate natively with Active Directory, so user identities and file accesses remain centrally controlled.

Deployment Flexibility

CentreStack has the flexibility to be deployed on-premises, in Amazon data centers, Azure data centers, or any data center around the world closest to your business.

White Labeled File Sharing

CentreStack provides a white-labeled platform that makes it easy for MSP partners to build a private cloud file server solution.

Secure Access & File Sharing

Attach local file server folders to your CentreStack server. Once attached, it is accessible online, enabling remote access. At the same time, the original network shares remain accessible on the local area network.

Migrate Existing File Shares to AWS S3 Storage

Alternatively, file server content can be migrated over time to Amazon S3 to form a hybrid environment. In addition to remote access, this enables a background backup process for business continuity.

Global Workspace

Create a global namespace directory structure unifying different file servers into a single folder structure, enabling multi-site collaboration. It is a distributed file system in the cloud, backed by Amazon S3.

Server In the Cloud

You can also leverage the features above by using the existing file server from Amazon EC2 Virtual Machines in VPC as a private cloud.

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