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"Our clients were primarily using either Dropbox as their file sharing solution or emailing attachments to share files. We needed a solution where the data does not go to servers outside of Canada as Dropbox data does. CentreStack's greatest benefit is solving this problem while providing the ability to share files securely and access them anywhere with full control of data storage and support."

Lawrence Reiber

Tanda Technologies

"The primary competition is Dropbox, OneDrive or Sharepoint out of Office 365. But they don’t really match up to what CentreStack does. I think CentreStack is far superior because of all the capability of sharing and syncing while keeping your data private and secure."

Graham Mannassi

Mannassi IT Solutions

"CentreStack is familiar; the interface is easy to adapt to. Our clients can see all of their files as they typically access them. They are using cloud storage the way they typically stored files with their old file system. With CentreStack, we've added $24,000 a year in new gross profit!"

Aaron Patton

Tenacious Networks

"CentreStack customer service is really good. They use electronic ticketing, which is what we prefer. To be transparent, in the 3 years since we rolled out CentreStack, we have had very few issues, which speaks volumes to the quality of their solution. We also created $25,000 in new income!"

Jordan Ray

4D IT Solutions

Why CentreStack is better than MyWorkDrive?

Polished, Flexible and Robust

Gladinet CentreStack solution has been in the market since 2009

  • Native file system with advanced technology for mapped drive
  • Supports Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office and many other file types
  • Native drive letter integration in Windows Explorer
  • WAN optimization and local cache (end point) encryption
  • Modern, interactive and responsive user interface
  • Remote and web access to shared folders
  • Centralized web based management
  • On-demand sync and selective-sync support
Hybrid File Servers

Auditing, Reporting and Security

CentreStack has many auditing, reporting and security related features.

  • Auditing events like login success and failures with device IP address
  • File change logs - who changed which file at what time from which device
  • Group Policies controlling remote access to shared folders
  • Secure Data Room feature for read-only, view-only access to shared folder
  • IP-White-List controlling remote accessing IP Address
  • SAML single sign on for Azure AD, OKTA, DUO and many others
  • Two factor authentication with Google Authenticator, Duo and others
File Server as the Cloud

Version Control and File Locking for Collaboration

CentreStack has many features related to collaboration.

  • Additional version control on top of existing file server share
  • Automatic file locking for online access
  • Manual file locking, version control and conflict detection for offline access
  • Office 365 integration for concurrent web and mobile access
  • Collaboration within the company and also with external partners
Hybrid File Servers

Better Business Continuity

CentreStack offers cloud backup and cloud migration options.

  • Cloud backup feature for file server shares
  • Cloud backup feature for end point devices
  • Migrate file server and retire file server options available
Better Business Continuity

Feature Highlights


CentreStack map drive agent software can encrypt files sitting in the local cache to provide end point protection.


In CentreStack, you can sync only files you are using and only files you are allowed to use, defined by NTFS permissions.


In addition to the direct file server access mode, CentreStack optionally allows file server shares to sync to cloud for business continuity.

Feature Highlights


CentreStack adds version control, audit trace, file change history, cloud backup, in addition to file server mobile access for data protection.


CentreStack has selective sync allowing you to pre-fetch files for offline access.


Secure file sharing based on web-link and outlook integration is available in addition to the direct file server mobile access.

Benefits after Replacing MyWorkDrive

Stable and Robust Product

CentreStack has been refining the cloud drive technology since 2009. The CentreStack client agent offers a mapped drive to the company file server without using VPN. The client drive technology contains end point encryption, binary differential updates, version control, audit trace and various optimization to transfer files over the Internet.

Business Continuity and Cloud Backup

Why stop at providing secure remote access to file servers without a VPN? Cloud has a lot more to offer, including business continuity and cloud backup. CentreStack adds version control, audit trace, data protection and backup to the secure file access and sharing platform.

Simpler User Experience

CentreStack's mapped drives are based on file system drivers for scalability and performance. For end users, they get the familiar mapped drive to their files with file locking support.

Better Support

CentreStack listens to our customers and partners and the development process is agile and the product update is provided on a regular basis.

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