Hybrid Cloud Storage

How to improve work-from-home employee's efficiency in accessing corporate file servers? Do you want to combine the local network's speed with cloud storage's mobility promise? Elevate local file servers to become hybrid cloud servers and free them from your Local Area Networks!

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Hybrid cloud storage solutions to speed up remote file access

Does this case study sound familiar to you?

You have many files on an on-premises file server that includes graphics files, such as Adobe Photoshop files. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you want to enable remote access to these files for employees working from home and remote locations. The company allowed a VPN connection which typically runs over the Internet, but the Internet has quite different network characteristics than a company or home network. Local networks usually offer a high amount of download bandwidth, low and stable latency, very little packet loss, and almost no data corruption. Contrary to that, Internet connections offer a lot less bandwidth and have a relatively high, very fluctuating latency, and data corruption is a norm.

Employees accessing the files over VPN connections started to complain about very slow directory browsing (because of significant latency). Copying a remote location file was very slow and opening files on home or remote computers was slower. You considered 100% cloud-based solutions to circumvent this issue but decided against it due to the large amount of data on the file server and the lengthy migration time to the cloud. Recreating folder permissions after the migration was also a significant concern for this company as pure cloud solutions do not keep the folder permissions intact

Hybrid Cloud Storage to the Rescue

You cannot migrate to a pure cloud storage solution yet because you are not sure about the application compatibility or the user's daily workflow changes if you migrate. However, you can enable a hybrid cloud storage setup to complement your current Windows file server infrastructure. The remote worker can access files and folders from the cloud and gain a speed and efficiency advantage.

Hybrid Cloud Storage to the Rescue

Problem Statement and the Desired Solution

You have a file server in the head quarter that employees access through traditional Microsoft Network. Employees may access the file server through a VPN from remote offices or home offices. It is cumbersome and slow for remote users. At the same time, you are also looking for a solution that minimizes the impact on the current file server infrastructure but better than what a VPN can offer.

For the hybrid cloud storage solution, you want the headquarter employees to continue to access the file server the old way, without any interruption or change of behavior. You want the file server contents replicated to a cloud storage service and allowing remote users more accessible access to the same file server contents. You also like the contents between the file server and the cloud storage service sync up to each other.

File Sync and Share Designed for
Windows File Servers

Sync File Server Network Shares to Cloud Storage and Use it as a Dropbox!

With CentreStack, the hybrid cloud server solution facilitates a two-way synchronization between on-premise file server shares and cloud storage services (such as Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage). Employees can use mobile phones, remote devices, and web browsers to access files and folders with their existing active directory credentials.

Basically, after setting up a two-way synchronization, your file servers become a Dropbox-like or a OneDrive-like file sharing service. With one differentiation feature that one of the two ends of the data repository is tied to your file server network shares, while the other end is on a particular cloud storage service.

Hybrid Cloud Server

CentreStack adds secure remote access and file sharing, disaster prevention, and recovery to file servers on-premises with easy cloud migration to private cloud storage. It is a private, hybrid cloud storage and cloud server solution that integrates with your current file server infrastructure.


CentreStack set up a two-way synchronization between your local file server and cloud storage service.

Mobile Access

CentreStack provides web browser-based file access methods. In addition, the solution offers mobile applications for file access and sharing from mobile devices.

Remote Access

CentreStack provides cloud drive mapping and file-locking features for remote file server access without using a VPN.


The solution integrates with local IT infrastructure and integrates with public cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 and Windows Azure Blob.

Problems Solved by Hybrid Cloud Servers

CentreStack is the hybrid online file server solution for you to simplify remote access, online file sharing, and file server management!


Simplify remote access to file servers from mobile devices, PCs, Macs, and web browsers.


Reduce server replacement costs. Eliminate management costs of file servers and VPNs.


Avoid the headaches of data sets split between internal file servers and cloud solutions like Dropbox.


Avoid the cost of manual files and folders replication or recreation of NTFS permissions.


Avoid the management headaches of cross-site replication and simplify collaboration with remote offices.


Eliminate threats from de-centralized security and personal Dropbox and other 3rd party accounts.

Hybrid Online File Server Use Cases

CentreStack's ability to utilize standard letter-drive mappings for cloud storage simplifies adoption, access, and centralized collaboration. Many other solutions offer savings and productivity boost from cloud file sharing (e.g., Egnyte and Dropbox). Still, CentreStack provides the unique ability to create your local-based hybrid cloud server with hybrid cloud storage while retaining complete control of the storage and servers involved. CentreStack is also unique in its deep integration with NTFS and Active Directory and creating a hybrid cloud file server environment that preserves drive mapping, file locking, and familiar permission control user experiences.

Remote Access To File Shares Without a VPN

Easy remote access to file server network shares with a mapped drive and without a VPN.

Mobile Device Access to Hosted File Shares

Web browser-based access and mobile application access to data-center hosted file server network shares.

Secure Remote Access & Mobile File Sharing Highlights

CentreStack eliminates the common drawbacks of a file server and a cloud-based file sharing solution and provides the best of both worlds – the security and control of legacy file servers combined with cloud collaboration efficiency and productivity gains.

Online File Server Feature Highlights


Web browser file manager is responsive to different screen resolutions and device profiles.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-on from ADFS and Azure AD is supported.

Revision Manager

Manage file revisions and change history from the web browser file portal.

Document Viewer

Web-based document viewer for office document types.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop to upload local files into web folders.

Guest Users

Free and unlimited read-only guest users are available in the solution.

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