Secure Remote File Access

Empower Your Mobile Workforce Anywhere, Anytime

Unlock the potential of your mobile workforce with CentreStack's secure, seamless remote file access solution. Say goodbye to VPN hassles and hello to productivity with on-premise file server integration for uncompromising security and compliance. Experience the freedom to securely access and share files by leveraging existing NTFS permissions and Active Directory for a smooth transition to remote work.

Discover How CentreStack Transforms Remote Work Access

Seamless Integration With Existing Infrastructure

CentreStack bridges the gap between on-premise file servers and remote access without the need for complex VPN configurations or security compromises. By leveraging existing NTFS permissions and Active Directory, CentreStack ensures a smooth transition to remote working so your employees can securely access and share files anytime, anywhere.

Enhancing Flexibility for Global Mobile Workforce

CentreStack revolutionizes remote file access by giving teams the ability to seamlessly access work files from any device, regardless of their geographic location. This functionality significantly increases productivity by supporting a truly mobile workforce and ensuring that employees can work efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose CentreStack?

No VPN Hassles

Say goodbye to the complexities and security concerns of VPNs.

Secure File Sharing

Leverage secure, seamless file sharing that respects existing permissions.

Anywhere Access

Enable your team to work from anywhere, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Unleashing Productivity with Unmatched Security and Flexibility

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to work remotely without compromising security or efficiency is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. CentreStack’s unique solution offers unparalleled benefits that cater specifically to the needs of modern mobile workforces and IT professionals striving for operational excellence.

Enhanced Security Without Sacrifice

Data Sovereignty

With CentreStack, your data remains under your control, on your servers, ensuring compliance and data sovereignty without the complexity of traditional VPNs.

Seamless Transition

Leveraging existing NTFS permissions and Active Directory, CentreStack offers a frictionless shift to remote work, ensuring that your security protocols remain intact.

Operational Efficiency Redefined

Robust Offline Access

Our solution enables your team to work efficiently with controlled offline access to files in any environment, even without an internet connection.

Simplified Document Management

The CentreStack solution with automatic file versioning and intelligent caching streamlines document management and makes collaboration and version control effortless.

A Mobile Workforce Empowered

Anywhere, Anytime Access

CentreStack bridges the gap between on-premise file servers and remote access, offering secure file sharing and access from any device, anywhere, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Citrix Alternative

CentreStack offers a streamlined, reliable alternative to Citrix, enhancing remote access, eliminating performance issues, and empowering a fully mobile workforce with dependable connectivity.

CentreStack Features

Active Directory Integration

CentreStack's Active Directory integration enables a seamless transition to the cloud and provides efficient user management, single sign-on and adherence to security and compliance protocols.

File Locking

CentreStack's File Locking ensures data integrity in collaborative environments by preventing concurrent edits, which is critical for document security and version control.

Drive Mapping

CentreStack's Drive Mapping improves access to cloud storage by simulating local drives, simplifying file management and integration into existing workflows.

Offline Access

CentreStack's offline access feature allows users to work without the internet and synchronize changes when they are online - ideal for working remotely in challenging environments.

Ransomware Protection

CentreStack's Ransomware Protection safeguards data, ensuring business continuity and integrity by blocking unauthorized changes and enabling recovery.

Intelligent Caching

CentreStack's Intelligent Caching ensures efficient file access and synchronisation, increasing productivity, especially for remote work and large files.

As we continue to navigate the challenges of remote work, CentreStack stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a secure, efficient, and flexible solution that meets the evolving needs of businesses and their mobile workforces. Ready to take the next step towards operational excellence? Try CentreStack Free today and experience the future of remote work access.

Our partners

Trusted by 1000+ IT Solution Providers and Enterprises

Realizing Potential: Customer Success Stories

At CentreStack, we believe in not just delivering a product, but in empowering businesses to achieve more. Our journey is filled with stories of organizations that have transformed their remote work capabilities, thanks to CentreStack. From small businesses to large enterprises, our solution has been the cornerstone of their digital workspace transformation.

Empowering Teams Across the Globe

Global Architecture Firm

A leading architecture firm faced challenges with remote access to large design files. With CentreStack, they streamlined remote access, enhancing productivity and collaboration across continents.

Healthcare Provider

A healthcare provider needed to ensure HIPAA compliance while enabling remote access to patient records. CentreStack provided a secure, compliant solution that improved patient care and operational efficiency.

Educational Institution

An educational institution sought to provide students and faculty with secure remote access to academic resources. CentreStack enabled seamless access, fostering an environment of continuous learning, regardless of location.

Empowering Teams Across the Globe

These stories are a testament to the flexibility, security and efficiency that CentreStack brings to remote working. Each story underscores our commitment to not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of the modern mobile workforce.

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Switching to CentreStack Enhanced Remote Operations

A non-profit healthcare provider based in Honolulu was struggling with slow Citrix performance that impacted its ability to work remotely and deliver healthcare services efficiently. Switching to CentreStack significantly improved operational efficiency and service delivery by enabling effective remote working, improving mobile user access and ensuring continuous productivity. This transition not only solved the performance issues, but also enabled the organization to seamlessly adapt to the digital demands of today's world and set a new standard in the healthcare sector for using technology to improve outcomes.

Implementing Gladinet has revolutionized Aloha Care's approach to healthcare delivery, marking a significant leap towards operational excellence and enhanced service delivery. The transition not only alleviated the challenges posed by Citrix's slow performance but also empowered us with a robust, secure, and user-friendly remote access solution.

Aloha Care Representative

Embrace the Future of Work with Confidence

As we navigate the evolving landscape of remote work, the importance of future-proofing your business cannot be overstated. CentreStack's cutting-edge solution not only addresses today's remote access and collaboration needs but also positions your organization for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities.

Built for Tomorrow, Available Today


Effortlessly scale your remote access capabilities as your business grows, without compromising on security or performance.

Innovation at Your Fingertips

Leverage continuous updates and innovations that keep you ahead of the curve, ensuring that your remote work infrastructure is always at the forefront of technology.


With CentreStack, adapt to the ever-changing business environment with ease. Whether it's sudden shifts to remote work or integrating new technologies, you're always prepared.

Why Wait for the Future?

The future of work is not a distant reality; it's here, and it demands flexibility, security, and efficiency. CentreStack empowers your organization to meet these demands head-on, with a solution that's as dynamic as the world we operate in. Don't just keep up with the times—stay ahead, and turn the challenges of remote work into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Ready to future-proof your business? Try CentreStack Free today and take the first step towards a secure, efficient, and adaptable remote work environment.

Simplifying Deployment: Your Path to Seamless Remote Work

Equipping your mobile workforce with CentreStack's secure remote file access solution isn't just about choosing a platform, it's about a smooth, hassle-free implementation and an intuitive user experience that requires minimal training. Our goal is to make the transition to remote working as seamless as possible for both IT administrators and end users.

Effortless Implementation

Quick Setup

Deploy CentreStack within hours, not days. Our guided setup process ensures a swift and straightforward implementation, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your business.

No Specialized Skills Required

You don't need to be a tech wizard to get CentreStack up and running. Our platform is designed for ease of use, ensuring IT teams of any size can manage the system efficiently.

Intuitive User Experience

User-Friendly Interface

CentreStack's clear, intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate and access files, increasing user productivity from day one without the need for extensive training and streamlining workflows.

Seamless Integration

With CentreStack, there's no need to change the way you work. Our solution integrates with your existing file servers and IT infrastructure, making remote file access a natural extension of your workplace.

Ongoing Support and Resources

Dedicated Support Team

Our expert support team is always ready to assist, ensuring any questions or issues are addressed promptly to keep your operations running smoothly.

Comprehensive Resources

Access a wealth of resources, including detailed documentation, how-to videos, and community forums, to get the most out of CentreStack.

Let CentreStack be your partner when it comes to achieving operational excellence and an outstanding remote work experience. Ready to simplify your remote work setup? Try CentreStack for free today and take the first step towards a seamless transition to remote working.

Advancing with CentreStack: The Next Step in Your Digital Transformation Journey

As you've navigated through the transformative solutions CentreStack offers for secure, remote file access, it's clear that the journey towards digital transformation is both exciting and essential. The next step in this journey is not just about adopting new technologies but about embracing a culture of innovation that propels your business forward.

Embrace Innovation, Embrace the Future

Innovative Collaboration

With CentreStack, collaboration transcends traditional boundaries. Teams can work together seamlessly, regardless of their physical location, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency.

Data Sovereignty and Security

Your data's security and sovereignty remain paramount. CentreStack's commitment to robust security measures ensures your information is protected, while still accessible to your team anywhere, anytime.

Operational Agility

The agility to respond to market changes and internal demands is crucial. CentreStack enhances your operational flexibility, allowing you to swiftly adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Why Choose CentreStack?

Choosing CentreStack means opting for a solution that not only meets today's remote access needs but also positions you for future growth and challenges. It's about making a strategic decision that aligns with your long-term vision for a digitally transformed enterprise.

Future-Proof Your Business

With continuous updates and innovations, CentreStack ensures your remote work infrastructure is always ahead of the curve.


As your business grows, CentreStack grows with you, effortlessly scaling to meet your evolving needs without compromising performance or security.

Unmatched Support

Our dedicated support team and comprehensive resources are always at your disposal, ensuring you maximize your CentreStack investment.

Ready to take the next step in your digital transformation journey? Try CentreStack Free today and unlock the full potential of your mobile workforce, ensuring your business is not just prepared for the future but is actively shaping it.

Empowering IT Professionals: The CentreStack Advantage

In the rapidly evolving landscape of remote work, IT professionals stand at the forefront, navigating the complexities of ensuring secure, seamless access to file servers for a mobile workforce. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by system administrators, IT directors, and CIOs, CentreStack is dedicated to empowering these unsung heroes with a solution that transcends traditional boundaries.

Tailored for IT Excellence

Streamlined Management

Simplify the oversight of remote file access with a centralized dashboard, reducing the operational burden and freeing up time for strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Security

With CentreStack, rest assured that your data's integrity and privacy are safeguarded through robust encryption and compliance with industry standards, including HIPAA and GDPR.

Seamless Integration

Leverage existing IT infrastructure without the need for disruptive changes. CentreStack's compatibility with NTFS permissions and Active Directory ensures a smooth transition to remote work.

Driving Operational Efficiency

CentreStack not only addresses the immediate needs for secure file access but also positions your organization for future growth. By reducing reliance on VPNs and eliminating common remote access headaches, IT professionals can focus on what matters most - driving operational efficiency and innovation.

Why Wait?

The future of work demands flexibility, security, and efficiency. CentreStack empowers IT professionals to meet these demands head-on, with a solution that's as dynamic as the world we operate in. Don't just keep up with the times - stay ahead, and turn the challenges of remote work into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Why CentreStack is Your Ultimate Remote Work Solution

As you've journeyed through the transformative capabilities of CentreStack, from seamless remote file access to empowering IT professionals, it's clear that our solution is designed with your business's future in mind. In this final section, we want to reassure you of the unparalleled value CentreStack brings to your organization, ensuring that your transition to a more flexible, secure, and efficient work environment is not just a vision, but a reality.

A Commitment to Excellence

Unwavering Support

Our dedicated team is committed to your success, providing ongoing support and guidance every step of the way.

Continuous Innovation

With regular updates and new features, CentreStack evolves with your business, addressing new challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by thousands of IT professionals worldwide, CentreStack has proven its effectiveness in enhancing productivity and security for remote workforces.

Making the Decision

Choosing CentreStack means opting for a solution that not only meets today's needs but also anticipates the demands of tomorrow. It's about embracing a future where remote work is not just possible but is done with confidence and control.

Ready to transform your remote work capabilities and take the first step towards a secure, efficient, and adaptable remote work environment?