Cloud and File Server Solutions for MSP!

CentreStack is a white-labeled, multi-tenant, centrally managed remote file server access, secure file sharing and data protection platform that boosts employee productivity and mobility while enhancing security and compliance!

Trusted by 1000+ MSPs

Thousands of MSPs include CentreStack with their managed services offering for file access and sharing as a revenue generator that offers better security, compliance, mobility and productivity for their clients. Review the partner success stories below.


Added in revenue

Tenacious Networks


Increase profit margin

Mannassi IT Solutions


Decrease in VPN tickets


Simple. Fast. Easy!

Make your clients happy with a platform that requires no training or disruption and reduces migration time to minutes, not weeks. Everyone knows how to use a mapped drive to access files and folders. It just works!

Drive Mapping and File Server Compatibility

Enable Remote Access in Minutes

Deploy and configure in less than 60 minutes to boost mobility and productivity. Access files and folders on the local file server or cloud file server using familiar mapped drives, web browsers and mobile devices. Gain easy access to files and folders without the need of using a VPN. Reduce your VPN support tickets to zero!

Data Privacy & Governance

Data Privacy & Governance

Add remote access and file sharing capabilities to existing file servers. Maintain data ownership while inheriting existing security and permissions. CentreStack has a proven track record of satisfying clients worldwide that want to maintain data ownership and governance by adding file access and secure file sharing capabilities to their existing file servers.

Enhance Security

Enhance Security

Your Active Directory and NTFS permission controls took years to develop on the existing file servers. CentreStack can inherit these existing NTFS permissions and Active Directory user controls natively. At the same time, it adds end-to-end encryption of the cache on the client agent for end point protection.

Protect Your Data

Protect Your Data

CentreStack adds version control, audit tracing, ransomware protection and cloud backup to existing file servers to maximize data protection while expanding the range of business continuity solutions in your portfolio.

Goto Cloud Together!

Goto Cloud Together!

Office 365 has file name length limitations and SharePoint limits your total number of files. Those may be temporary limitations but, more seriously, they are taking control of the data under management away from you and the clients you serve. Why give up the data and the control you have? With CentreStack, you don't have to! Become a cloud service provider and take your clients with you on the journey to the cloud. Maximize your relevance as we prepare for a cloudy future!

CentreStack is exactly what you need

CentreStack is more than just a product. Partner with us to grow your revenue and make your clients happy!

Cloud Drive Mapping Highlights

Partner Support

You still take care of your clients level 1 support needs. For level 2 and above, we stand behind our product as your expert technicians with chat, email, phone or online meetings; and tickets are answered within 1 hour.

Partner Growth

With CentreStack, you not only add a money-making cloud solution to your portfolio, but also gain a strategic cloud solution partner that takes your feedback seriously and quickly incorporates your feedback into the product.

Partner Success

Partner success is our ultimate goal. We want to help you grow by freeing clients from the concerns of IT so they can focus on their core business.