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Hybrid Solution for Enhanced Data Accessibility

CentreStack's 'Online File Server' merges on-premises servers with cloud benefits, enhancing data access, collaboration, and security. It supports real-time sync and reduces VPN need, offering a scalable, secure solution for modern file management and sharing.

CentreStack's 'Online File Server' merges on-premises file servers with cloud technology, offering a hybrid solution that enhances data access, collaboration, and security. It allows businesses to keep local file access while utilizing cloud benefits for better accessibility and redundancy. Features include real-time synchronization, no VPN needs, and improved security, making it suitable for companies seeking to modernize file management efficiently without sacrificing security. This scalable, cost-effective solution bridges the on-premises and cloud storage gap, ensuring data privacy, simplifying file sharing, and server management.


In today's digital-first environment, businesses face the daunting task of managing and accessing vast amounts of data across multiple locations. The challenge intensifies with the need to ensure data security, accessibility, and collaboration without the complexities and limitations of traditional file servers and VPN setups.

Data Accessibility

Ensuring seamless access to files across various locations while maintaining speed and reliability for large file types remains a significant challenge.

Security Concerns

Businesses struggle to balance the need for remote access with maintaining high levels of data security and privacy, often compromised by traditional VPNs.

Collaboration Efficiency

Facilitating efficient collaboration on large files among team members in different locations is hindered by data sprawl and synchronization issues.

Cost and Complexity

The high costs and operational complexities associated with managing VPNs, server replacements, and ensuring data redundancy are major concerns.

Addressing these challenges necessitates a contemporary solution that seamlessly integrates on-premises and cloud storage, ensuring no compromise on performance or security.

Existing Solutions and Their Limitations

In the quest for an optimal online file server solution, businesses often encounter roadblocks with existing market offerings. Traditional and popular cloud services, while providing basic file storage and sharing capabilities, fall short in addressing the nuanced needs of modern enterprises. These limitations not only hinder operational efficiency but also pose challenges in data management, accessibility, and security, compelling businesses to seek more tailored solutions.

Large File Handling

Services like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Dropbox struggle with efficient management of large files, such as AutoCAD designs, leading to synchronization issues and poor performance, especially over VPN connections.

Hybrid Environment Support

Competitors often lack a seamless hybrid setup that integrates on-premises file servers with cloud benefits, forcing businesses into a complete cloud migration or to maintain costly on-premises setups.

Data Privacy and Security

Existing solutions may not offer the level of data privacy and security required by businesses, with forced data migration to proprietary clouds and inadequate support for server-client architectures.

Scalability and Flexibility

Solutions such as Ignite and Dropbox present challenges in scalability and flexibility, with high costs, restrictive licensing models, and complex technical configurations that do not align with customer needs.

Introducing CentreStack

CentreStack's 'Online File Server' combines on-premises server reliability with cloud storage flexibility, offering seamless file access, improved collaboration, and enhanced security. This addresses data sprawl, migration costs, and security concerns effectively.

Seamless Data Access

Provides global, real-time access to files without the complexity of VPNs, ensuring teams can collaborate efficiently from any location.

Enhanced Security

Maintains high levels of data security and privacy by integrating with existing on-premises servers, offering peace of mind for sensitive information.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Reduces the need for costly server replacements and VPN maintenance, offering a scalable solution that grows with your business needs.

Simplified Collaboration

Facilitates efficient teamwork on large files among members in different locations, overcoming synchronization issues and data sprawl.

Explore how CentreStack's 'Online File Server' transforms file management and collaboration, offering a secure, accessible, and efficient approach to data handling.

Discover seamless file access & collaboration without VPN complexities now!

Cloud Drive Mapping

Drive mapping is an important feature for online file access. End users can easily drag and drop files and folders from a set of mapped drives over the Internet without a VPN connection.

Global File Locking

File locking is a vital feature for online file access and team collaboration to avoid conflicts. End users need to control global concurrent online file access by using file locking to maintain consistency.

Permission Control

Dropbox and Google Drive don't have the same level of centralized control as a file server. You might miss the NTFS permissions and the ability to know where your data is, who has access to it and what they're doing with it.

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CentreStack Online

We host CentreStack for you in AWS

Organizations need to enhance mobility and productivity through streamlined remote access and collaboration. CIOs seek online solutions with seamless cloud integration to minimize disruption and reduce employee retraining for new cloud storage systems.

Mapped Drives

Remotely access file shares from a drive letter without the need for a VPN. Cloud replication is optional!

File Locking

Provides full support for file locking from the cloud, with a familiar file server locking experience.

File Servers

Solve file server sync and share problems while facilitating mobile access and business continuity.

Mobile Access

Connect to your file server with a mobile device and edit directly using Microsoft Office Mobile Apps.


Use web links to share files and folders with recipients or receive files directly from a web browser.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications provide file server remote access from iOS and Android devices.

CentreStack Server

Self-Hosted CentreStack Server Installation

Implement a private cloud file-sharing and secure remote access solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, enabling you to serve your clients efficiently and effectively.


From our success stories, MSPs making $24K and have 80% margins. It is an excellent way for MSPs to enhance their service portfolio.


CentreStack adopts a single-pane-of-glass management model, allowing MSPs to manage the solution from one single web interface.


CentreStack is multi-tenant by design, making it easy for MSP to set up and support multiple clients from one single deployment.

White Label

CentreStack is a white-label solution supporting complete branding from web interface to mobile applications.


CentreStack integrates with file servers, AWS, Azure, and google. The integration makes it easy for MSPs to deploy solutions.


CentreStack partner programs offer marketing collaterals and partner incentives and assistance for solution deployments.

If you are an enterprise seeking a self-hosted solution that complements your existing IT infrastructure with enhanced remote access and collaboration capabilities, explore Triofox—our robust sibling solution designed specifically for larger organizations.

How It Works

CentreStack's Online File Server revolutionizes traditional file server management by merging on-premises infrastructure with cloud functionalities. This hybrid approach improves access, collaboration, and security, eliminating the need for complex VPN setups and overcoming the constraints of standard cloud storage. It is ideal for businesses aiming for a smooth cloud transition, preserving local file access while capitalizing on the cloud's advantages for wider reach and redundancy.


Seamless Integration

Merges on-premises file servers with cloud storage, enabling real-time synchronization and access without the need for complex VPN setups.


Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitates team collaboration by providing secure, remote access to files from any location, ensuring that everyone is always on the same page.


Data Security

Maintains high levels of security and data privacy by integrating with Active Directory and using NTFS permissions, ensuring that your data is protected.



Reduces the need for physical server replacements and lowers VPN maintenance costs, offering a scalable and economical storage solution.


Easy Management

Simplifies file server management and sharing with a user-friendly interface, reducing IT overhead and enhancing productivity.


Global Accessibility

Enables a mobile workforce by providing access to files from any device, anywhere, fostering a flexible and efficient work environment.

Seamless Cloud Integration, Enhanced Security, Accessibility

Unlock the full potential of your business with CentreStack's Online File Server. Experience unparalleled data accessibility, collaboration, and security without the complexity. Don't let traditional systems hold you back. Click 'Try CentreStack Free' now and step into a world of seamless cloud integration and enhanced security. Your future awaits.

Our Recent Case Studies

Revolutionizing IT with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

A leading IT Solution Provider transformed their infrastructure using CentreStack's hybrid cloud solutions, overcoming challenges of managing large and AutoCAD files across global offices. This strategic move not only enhanced operational efficiency and collaboration but also resulted in significant cost savings by reducing VPN reliance and local storage expenses. The partnership with CentreStack set a new standard in file management and sharing, supporting the company's growth ambitions and establishing a benchmark for scalability and global collaboration in the IT consulting sector.

Digital Collaboration Transformation

A leading Technology Consulting firm revolutionized its operational efficiency and digital security through a tailored online file server solution. This strategic partnership enabled seamless, secure remote access and efficient file sharing, overcoming previous challenges of data integrity and collaboration hurdles. The implementation significantly enhanced operational workflows, reduced downtime, and fortified digital security, setting a new benchmark in technology consulting. This case study exemplifies the transformative power of specialized file-sharing solutions in achieving operational excellence and security in the digital landscape.

Transformative Cloud Storage Solutions

Our cloud storage solution revolutionized data management for two distinct industries, showcasing versatility and efficiency. For a cybersecurity and IT management firm, it enabled seamless file synchronization and sharing, particularly for large AutoCAD drawings and PDF files, enhancing MSP operations and collaboration. Similarly, a leader in the woodworking industry experienced improved project workflows and data accessibility, overcoming traditional storage limitations. These success stories highlight our platform's ability to provide robust, scalable solutions tailored to diverse operational needs, setting a new standard in cloud storage and collaboration.

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Dive deeper into the future of file management and collaboration. Explore our specialized solutions that streamline sharing, enhance security, and revolutionize your digital workspace. Discover how CentreStack can transform your business operations with just a click.

Secure File Collaboration

Efficient, Intuitive Management Across All Devices

Cloud Collaboration Transformation

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Security, Superior Collaboration

Seamless Sync Solutions

Elevate Collaboration, Secure Data Across Devices

Frequently Asked Questions: All You Need to Know

Can CentreStack handle large files like CAD and AutoCAD?

Yes, CentreStack is designed to handle large files and datasets, including CAD and AutoCAD files, making it suitable for applications that require managing large files. It provides a hybrid setup that maintains local access for these files while leveraging cloud features for enhanced accessibility and collaboration.

How does CentreStack integrate with existing IT infrastructure?

CentreStack integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, including Active Directory and NTFS permissions, to provide secure remote access and file sharing without disrupting daily workflows.

What are the benefits of using CentreStack for remote file access?

CentreStack offers significant benefits for remote file access, including eliminating the need for VPNs, providing secure mobile file sharing, and reducing bandwidth and storage costs with on-demand synchronization.

Can CentreStack be deployed in a hybrid cloud environment?

Yes, CentreStack can be deployed in a hybrid cloud environment, offering the flexibility to maintain data on-premise and migrate to online storage, thus providing business continuity and enabling a mobile workforce.

Is CentreStack compatible with non-server versions of Windows, like Windows 10 Pro?

Yes, CentreStack can be deployed in environments running non-server versions of Windows, such as Windows 10 Pro, by utilizing a cloud-hosted server side managed by us, making it versatile for various IT setups.

Does CentreStack offer solutions for remote access and file sharing without VPN?

CentreStack provides secure remote access and file sharing capabilities, eliminating the need for VPN. This simplifies server management and enhances user experience by offering an always-on mapped drive accessible from anywhere.

Can CentreStack replace traditional file servers?

Yes, CentreStack adds cloud file services with remote access, secure file sharing, and data protection features to an on-premises file server, while maintaining legacy security, permission controls, and data ownership. It combines the productivity of online file sharing with the security of local IT infrastructure in one solution.

How does CentreStack ensure data privacy and compliance?

CentreStack preserves data privacy by providing the ability to keep data on-site on traditional file servers and meet compliance requirements. It also offers centralized management of users, access controls, and storage for each tenant, making it easier to perform audits of GDPR and HIPAA compliance or keep track of any changes made to individual files.

More Features


Global File Locking prevents simultaneous edits, ensuring document security and collaboration efficiency across Triofox and CentreStack platforms.


Active Directory Integration ensures secure, efficient cloud transition with single sign-on, streamlined user management, and security compliance.


Unite global teams with secure, seamless Remote Desktop Access for enhanced productivity and collaboration anywhere, leveraging Azure Active Directory.


Seamless cloud integration for file management, offering effortless, secure access to cloud files without VPNs or manual setups.

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