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Empower remote access & sharing without VPN hassles

Struggling with remote file access and secure sharing? Discover a unified platform that transforms your file servers into secure collaboration spaces. Simplify remote work, enhance security, and maintain compliance effortlessly. Perfect for businesses needing to share large design files globally without compromising on speed or security.

How It Works

Discover the simplicity of transforming your file servers into a secure, global collaboration hub. With CentreStack, you're not just enabling remote file access; you're enhancing your infrastructure for the future of work.


Connect Your File Server

Easily integrate your existing file servers with CentreStack without moving any data. Maintain your current file structures and permissions for a seamless transition.


Secure & Streamline Access

Grant secure access to internal and external users through familiar interfaces, without the complexities and security concerns of VPNs. Our platform ensures compliance and data protection at every step.


Collaborate Globally

Empower your team to collaborate in real-time, with file locking and version control that works across continents. CentreStack's global file sharing capabilities ensure your team's productivity, no matter where they are.


Manage & Monitor with Ease

With CentreStack, you gain a centralized dashboard for user management, access controls, and real-time monitoring. Simplify your IT management while enhancing security and compliance.

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The solution provides remote users
with local file server capabilities without VPN!

HTTPS Streaming

HTTPS streaming outperforms traditional VPNs by providing faster and more reliable access to content and fixing slow speeds and connection issues. It streamlines data transfer for a seamless user experience and is therefore important for anyone who values efficiency and ease of access.

File Caching

File caching increases system performance by making frequently accessed data available quickly, reducing latency and improving usability. It meets the requirements for fast, efficient data access and overcomes slow retrievals and performance bottlenecks that are essential for maintaining system efficiency.

Drive Mapping/File Locking/Active Directory

Drive Mapping enables easy remote access to files. File locking ensures that data can only be edited by one user to maintain data integrity. Active Directory integration provides optimized user management and security, which is essential for efficient collaboration and secure access.

Seamless Global Collaboration Without VPN

Between our UK and Japan offices, VPN hassles were a nightmare. CentreStack was a game-changer, letting us ditch the VPN while boosting our file access and collaboration. It's like having a global office that works seamlessly with AutoCAD and 3D projects, all without the VPN headache.

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Unique Benefits & Advanced Features

Unlock Advanced Collaboration with CentreStack

CentreStack is not just another file sharing solution; it's a revolutionary platform that redefines how your team collaborates, shares, and secures data across the globe. After understanding the seamless integration and the foundational steps to transform your file servers, let's delve into the unique benefits and advanced features that set CentreStack apart.


Global Collaboration Made Simple

With CentreStack's utilization of a Global Content Delivery Network, your team's collaboration becomes boundless. Experience lightning-fast access and sharing of large design files, regardless of geographical locations, ensuring your projects move forward without delay.


Simplified IT Infrastructure

Embrace the simplicity of deploying CentreStack on your existing infrastructure. Our platform's compatibility with former Exchange servers or similar setups means you can enhance your IT without the overhead of specialized hardware.


Enhanced Security and Compliance

CentreStack's commitment to security is unmatched. With support for SSL certificates and port forwarding, alongside improved file locking for design tools, your data is not only secure but also compliant with the strictest standards.


Streamlined Management and Monitoring

Gain unparalleled visibility and control over your data with CentreStack's centralized dashboard. Manage user access, monitor real-time activity, and ensure your team's productivity is maximized, all from a single interface.

The Future of Work is Here

As the landscape of work continues to evolve, CentreStack stands at the forefront, offering a solution that not only meets today's demands but also anticipates tomorrow's challenges. Join us in embracing the future of work, where collaboration knows no bounds, and data security and compliance are assured.

Customer Success Stories

Transforming Collaboration Across Industries

CentreStack is more than a platform; it's a catalyst for transformation. Our customers, from diverse sectors, have experienced firsthand the power of seamless collaboration and secure file sharing. Here are their stories, showcasing the tangible impact of CentreStack in real-world scenarios.

Architecture Firm Revolutionizes Project Delivery

An international architecture firm faced challenges with slow file access and collaboration across continents. With CentreStack, they leveraged our Global Content Delivery Network, enhancing productivity and project timelines by ensuring fast, secure access to large design files, anytime, anywhere.

Healthcare Provider Ensures Compliance and Data Security

A leading healthcare provider needed to share sensitive patient data securely with external partners while complying with stringent regulations. CentreStack's enhanced security and compliance features, including SSL certificates and port forwarding, provided the solution, transforming how they manage and share data.

Educational Institution Simplifies IT Infrastructure

A university struggled with the complexities of remote file access for students and faculty. CentreStack simplified their IT infrastructure, allowing them to repurpose existing hardware and reduce costs, all while providing a seamless access experience.

These stories are just the beginning. With CentreStack, industries are overcoming traditional barriers to collaboration, security, and productivity. Ready to write your success story?

With this solution, our users can securely access and share files, as well as work on documents directly from our file servers from anywhere - a must in the pandemic era.

Nick King

IT Security Engineer, Capitol Broadcasting/WRAL-TV

Integrations & Compatibility

Seamless Integration and Broad Compatibility

CentreStack is not just about transforming your file servers into a secure, global collaboration hub; it's also about ensuring that this transformation is seamless and compatible with your existing IT ecosystem. As we move further into the digital age, the ability to integrate and remain compatible with a wide array of software and systems becomes increasingly critical.


Effortless Integration with Your IT Environment

Our platform is designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, from Active Directory to various file server setups. This means minimal disruption to your current operations and a smoother transition for your team.


Compatibility Across Devices and Platforms

CentreStack's compatibility extends beyond just Windows environments. Whether your team uses Mac, Linux, or any mobile platform, our solution ensures that everyone can stay connected and productive, no matter their device or operating system.


Enhancing Your Existing Tools

We understand that your organization relies on a variety of tools and software for daily operations. CentreStack enhances these tools by providing a layer of security and accessibility without replacing them. From Microsoft Office to AutoCAD, your essential applications work seamlessly with CentreStack, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.


Future-Proof Your Collaboration

In an era where technology evolves rapidly, CentreStack positions your organization to be future-proof. Our continuous updates and compatibility checks ensure that as new software and systems emerge, your collaboration hub remains at the forefront of technology, ready to integrate with the next generation of IT solutions.

Embrace the future of work with CentreStack. Our platform not only simplifies remote access and file sharing but also ensures that your IT environment is enhanced, not replaced. Let's make your transition to a global collaboration hub as smooth and efficient as possible.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose CentreStack for Your Secure File Sharing Needs?

As you've journeyed through our platform's capabilities, from seamless integration to global collaboration, and heard the success stories of diverse industries, the question remains - why CentreStack? The answer lies in our unparalleled approach to combining security, ease of use, and efficiency in a single platform.


Unmatched Security

In an era where data breaches are all too common, CentreStack stands out with military-grade encryption, ensuring your data's security whether at rest or in transit. Our commitment to your data's integrity extends beyond encryption, incorporating advanced file locking and SSL certificates for a comprehensive security strategy.


Effortless Collaboration

CentreStack transforms your existing file servers into a powerful collaboration hub, enabling real-time collaboration without the need for complex VPN setups or sacrificing security. With CentreStack, geographical boundaries disappear, allowing your team to work together as if they were in the same room, regardless of their physical location.


Simplified IT Management

Our platform is designed with IT administrators in mind, offering a centralized dashboard for user management, access controls, and real-time monitoring. This simplifies the IT management process, allowing your team to focus on what matters most - driving your business forward.


Future-Proof Your Business

With CentreStack, you're not just adapting to today's demands; you're preparing for the future. Our continuous updates and compatibility checks ensure that as new software and systems emerge, your collaboration hub remains at the forefront of technology.

You do not want a cross-site VPN!

We have a large client that manages hundreds of properties. As the company has grown, managing remote file servers and VPN connections between sites has become a challenge. CentreStack has enabled us to simplify connectivity and collaboration from remote locations. We appreciate that data remains centralized on the main file server, but CentreStack makes it easier for remote users to access and collaborate. We no longer have to manage remote file servers or VPN connections between sites when they acquire a new property.

Implementation & Support

Seamless Implementation and Unmatched Support

Embarking on the journey to transform your file servers into a secure, global collaboration hub with CentreStack is not just about leveraging advanced technology; it's about partnering with a team dedicated to ensuring your success every step of the way. From the initial setup to ongoing support, our experts are here to guide you, making the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.


Expert-Led Implementation

Our implementation process is designed to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. A dedicated CentreStack specialist will work closely with your IT team to tailor the setup to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. With our expert guidance, you'll be able to unlock the full potential of CentreStack quickly, without the steep learning curve.


Ongoing Support & Training

Beyond implementation, our commitment to your success continues. With CentreStack, you gain access to comprehensive support and training resources. From detailed documentation and online tutorials to direct support from our technical team, we're here to assist you in overcoming any challenge. Our goal is to empower your team to utilize CentreStack to its fullest, enhancing productivity and collaboration across your organization.


Future-Proof Your Investment

With continuous updates and enhancements, CentreStack evolves to meet the changing needs of the modern workplace. Our team is constantly working to ensure that your collaboration hub not only meets today's requirements but is also ready for tomorrow's challenges. By choosing CentreStack, you're not just selecting a solution for today; you're investing in the future of your organization's collaboration and security.

File Access without Remote Desktop?

We are a managed service provider (MSP) that delivers ERP solutions to petrochemical companies via remote desktops in a multi-tenant architecture. These remote desktops used to be connected to file servers, but as customers migrate to Office 365 and stop using the remote desktops, we wanted to move the file server drives to the local desktop laptop connected to the O365 environment. We installed CentreStack in our virtual environment as the front end for the hosted file server so that our customers could directly access the mapped drives on their laptops without having to log in to a virtual desktop.

Future-Proofing Your Business

Future-Proofing Your Business with CentreStack

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the ability to adapt and grow is paramount. CentreStack is not just a solution for today's challenges but a foundation for tomorrow's opportunities. By choosing CentreStack, you're not only enhancing your current file sharing and collaboration capabilities; you're setting your business up for future success.


Adaptability at Its Core

CentreStack's architecture is designed for flexibility, allowing your IT infrastructure to scale and evolve. As your business grows, CentreStack grows with you, ensuring that your file sharing capabilities can meet the demands of an increasing remote workforce and expanding global partnerships.


Continuous Innovation

Our commitment to innovation means that CentreStack is always improving. With regular updates and new features, we ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve, leveraging the latest technologies to maintain a competitive edge.


Embrace New Workflows

The future of work is here, and it's more distributed than ever. CentreStack enables your team to embrace new workflows and collaboration models, ensuring productivity and efficiency regardless of where your team is located.


Sustainability and Cost Efficiency

By optimizing your IT infrastructure with CentreStack, you're not only making a smart choice for the environment by reducing hardware dependency but also ensuring long-term cost savings. Our solution minimizes the need for physical upgrades and maintenance, allowing you to allocate resources where they're needed most.

As we look to the future, the question isn't just about solving today's problems but about how we can build a resilient, adaptable, and efficient infrastructure that stands the test of time. With CentreStack, the future is not just bright; it's secure, collaborative, and boundless.

Empowering Remote Work

Empowering Remote Work with CentreStack

As we navigate the evolving landscape of work, the ability to adapt and thrive in a remote environment has never been more critical. CentreStack is at the forefront of this transformation, offering a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to embrace remote work without compromising on security, collaboration, or productivity.


Seamless Remote Access

With CentreStack, remote access to files and resources is as straightforward as if you were in the office. Our platform eliminates the complexity and security concerns associated with traditional VPNs, providing a secure, direct path to your data, anytime, anywhere.


Enhanced Collaboration

CentreStack bridges the gap between remote team members, enabling real-time collaboration with features like file locking and version control. Whether your team is spread across the city or around the globe, CentreStack ensures that everyone stays on the same page, driving projects forward efficiently.


Uncompromised Security

In the realm of remote work, security cannot be an afterthought. CentreStack's robust security features, including military-grade encryption and comprehensive access controls, ensure that your data remains protected, whether at rest or in transit.


Simplified IT Management

Managing IT infrastructure for a remote workforce can be challenging. CentreStack simplifies this with a centralized dashboard for user management, access controls, and real-time monitoring, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day management.

The Future of Work is Now

As we look towards the future, the shift towards remote work is undeniable. CentreStack is here to ensure that your organization not only adapts to this change but thrives in it. With CentreStack, the future of work is not a challenge to overcome but an opportunity to seize.

File Server as a Service!

With CentreStack, I can offer my customers a centralized file server solution that not only saves them 70% of the cost compared to traditional distributed file server management, but also gives them better control and security over their data. Instead of paying $100 per user per month to manage multiple file servers, they can now pay as little as $30 per user per month and still have the peace of mind that their data is being managed securely. Plus, the economics of the centralized server improve dramatically as I add more users and disks. I make more on $30 per user than I ever did on $100!

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Ready to Transform Your File Sharing Experience?

You've seen how CentreStack revolutionizes secure file collaboration, simplifies IT infrastructure, and empowers remote work. Now, it's time to take the next step.

Join the thousands of businesses that have already elevated their file sharing and collaboration capabilities with CentreStack. Whether you're looking to enhance security, streamline your IT management, or enable seamless global collaboration, CentreStack is your solution.

Don't let outdated systems hold you back. Embrace the future of work with CentreStack and unlock the full potential of your team's productivity and collaboration.

Take the first step towards a more efficient, secure, and collaborative workspace.

Secure, Global Access

Instantly access files from anywhere, on any device, without the complexities of VPNs.

Simplified IT Management

Manage everything from a centralized dashboard, reducing complexity and costs.

Unmatched Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time, with advanced file locking and version control.

Enhanced Security

Protect your data with military-grade encryption and comprehensive compliance features.

CentreStack is more than a platform—it's a partnership dedicated to your success. From seamless implementation to unparalleled support, we're with you every step. Ready for a future of seamless collaboration and security?