Use AWS to Host CentreStack

CentreStack creates a self-hosted, file sharing and synchronization solution for business on Amazon Web Services Infrastructure. The solution can be installed, configured and branded in a few minutes using EC2 and S3 or EBS

AWS File Sharing

CentreStack is an installable Enterprise File Sync and Share platform enabling productivity and collaboration for mobile workers who use multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. All of its components can be run on AWS infrastructure while remaining completely under the control of your administrators, existing policies and regulations.

Host it on AWS

Host CentreStack in AWS to create an Enterprise File Sync and Share solution that is both scalable, secure and completely under your control.

Scalable, Redundant, Reliable

Amazon S3 is designed for durability of 99.999999999% of objects and guarantees 99.99% availability. You can leverage this highly scalable, reliable, and low-latency AWS infrastructure to run CentreStack.

Low Cost

CentreStack (aka Gladinet Cloud Enterprise) starts at $499 per year for 20 users. You just need to pay this licensing cost plus the AWS compute and storage that you use.

Secure File Sharing in AWS

CentreStack’s private AWS deployment, security features, and efficient file synchronization across users computers, smart phones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry) makes it a powerful and secure alternative to Dropbox, Box and other public cloud offerings.

Web App & Document Preview

Leverage web applications and allow users to view common file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and .txt files, inside a web browser.

High Speed Access

CentreStack caches files locally to provide high speed access to remote files. Other performance optimizations include compression, smart bandwidth controls, and more.

Native Applications Integration

CentreStack's mapped drives allow users to edit remote files directly using native applications like MS Office Documents.

Document Recovery

Users can easily recover accidentally deleted files from CentreStack's Recycle Bin.

EU Data Residency

Complies with European Union standards for data residency.

Home Directory Integration

Users automatically gain access to their home directory defined in Active Directory

Outlook Plugin

The CentreStack Outlook Plugin allows large attachments to be sent. Users can share files and folders directly from Outlook.

Large File Format

CenterStack has no file size limitations so you can send those large videos, CAD files and email attachments to anyone.

Groups Policies & Permissions

Define system-wide policies and permissions based on user groups.

Smart Notifications

When a file is modified in a shared folder, CenterStack will alert users with whom the folder is shared.

File Server Gateway

Use an existing file server as cloud storage and access from any device in any location. Migrate existing file shares to cloud storage and use existing permissions and identities for access. Create a hybrid cloud file server to act as a local gateway with shares sync'd to cloud storage.

Delegated Administration

CentreStack supports delegated administration which creates multiple administrators with different functions to help manage large user bases. Admins can manage users, user groups, view all files, managed shared folders and more. Custom roles can be defined and assigned.

Supported Storage Services

Supports Openstack Swift and compatibles (eg. HP Helion Content Depot), EMC Atmos, and Local Storage (Microsoft DFS, SAN, NAS, HDDs), Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and more.

File System Integration

CentreStack users access cloud storage through a mapped drive enabled by file system drivers. This provides a seamless user experience from the desktop and file server clients since files in the cloud will behave the same as files on a local disk.


SSL, AES 256-bit Data-at-rest Encryption, token-based authentication, certificate pinning, strong password Policies, remote device wipe, group policies and more.

File Locking

Files can be locked automatically or by users to prevent other users from making concurrent edits. Prevents unexpected overwrites and data corruption during real time collaboration.

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