CentreStack Business File Sharing

Build a branded, online file sharing solution for your customers with your infrastructure.

CentreStack Server Quick Start Guide - Instructions to get started

Sharing files and folders from file servers over the Internet

CentreStack is built on top of the Microsoft Web Platform (IIS , ASP.NET, .NET Framework 4, SQL Server/Express). These components will be configured by the CentreStack installation package automatically before installing the CentreStack core components.

System Requirements

Standard and Datacenter versions of Windows Server are supported. Server Core installations are not supported. Windows 10/11 can be used for proof of concept, or non-production environments.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016

(Clean OS without other software installed)
Architecture: 64 bit (x64)
Minimum Requirements: 8GB Memory with 4CPU, 100G Hard Drive, Physical or Virtual Machine
Additional Requirements: CentreStack Installation requires a clean image/clean OS with plain OS installed.

Pre-requisite: Microsoft Web Platform (Will be installed automatically)

The following components will be automatically installed by the CentreStack installation package if they are not present on the system.

  • IIS - On Windows 2022/2019/2016 machine, this is included in OS already
  • IIS - IIS Management Console
  • .NET Framework 4.5 Full (not Client Profile)

The new CentreStack installer released after Nov 1, 2013 is capable of collecting the pre-requisite and install them if they are not already on the system. The new CentreStack installer can be a one-stop installer to install everything from begin to end.

Install CentreStack

Step 1 - Register for a Partner Account.
Step 2 - Download the CentreStack installer and install it on a clean machine.
Step 3 - Configure CentreStack
Upon Restart, you will be directed to the configuration page. The very first user registered will be the administrator for the CentreStack.

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