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Everything You Need to Know for Safe File Sharing on Existing Servers

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To ensure maximum efficiency and workgroup coordination, employees need to share files with others in their organizations. If a company doesn't provide its own secure file sharing solution, employees may choose to utilize a public cloud file sharing solution, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. These consumer solutions are less secure and can expose sensitive data to hackers and data thieves.

In addition, many states are implementing legislation to protect the privacy of consumer data. To comply with these laws, companies must provide secure file sharing for all of their data, even for employees working remotely.

Securing File Sharing on an Existing Windows File Server

Many companies enable file sharing through their own on-premises Windows-based file servers. Employees access files stored on these servers via the company's local area network or remotely using a VPN.

While using a Windows file server comes with its own set of security challenges, there are several steps an organization can take to improve security, including:

  • Make sure they are running the latest version of Windows Server, with all appropriate OS and security updates
  • Enable BitLocker to encrypt all disk volumes on the server
  • Create a randomized administrator password and change it regularly
  • Grant a limited number of user permissions
  • Use a firewall to block unnecessary Internet access
  • Monitor file access and any permission changes
  • Back up data regularly to a secure location

Create a Private File Sharing Service

For stronger security, companies can create a private file sharing service on their current file servers. This service, such as the one offered by CentreStack, utilizes a company's existing resources while enabling local and remote file sharing and collaboration by employees, vendor partners, and customers. Data can be securely accessed from any device, even employees' mobile phones, from any location.

CentreStack's local file server solution enables a company to maintain complete control over its data and ensure compliance with all industry regulations. Access is controlled with existing NTFS permissions and Active Directory credentials. Usage is enhanced with advanced file versioning, auditing, security, and reporting functionality.

Because all data is stored behind a firewall on the company's servers, it remains more secure than it would on a public cloud server. End-to-end encrypted file sharing ensures that data can't be read by unauthorized users. No complicated VPNs are necessary.

Create a Private File Sharing Service

Consider a Private Cloud-Based File Sharing Service

Optionally, a company can choose to create a private cloud-based file sharing service. With this option, remote access is made even easier and all data from a company's original servers are replicated and synced to the cloud service. Companies utilizing this option can take advantage of the economies presented by cloud hosting without sacrificing control or security.

Ensure Secure File Transfer with CentreStack

Thousands of organizations around the world use CentreStack as their secure file sharing solution. The CentreStack team has more than ten years of experience with secure file server solutions. Use CentreStack to turn your company's existing Windows file server into a secure file sharing server.

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