Self-Hosted Backup Server

CentreStack's remote backup solution is storage agnostic, allowing you to self-host the backup server with self-defined destination storage service.


Find a Remote Backup Solution

Enterprises traditionally use on-premise appliances to store their backup files from servers and desktops on the company's network. While this is a secure setup with the data stored within the appliance, it is also a challenge for remote devices to access the backup data. Remote devices are not always inside the company's network and the VPN from remote devices is not always available to observe specific backup schedules.

Cloud backup solutions like Carbonite and CrashPlan exist to help backup remote devices directly to the cloud. However, the backup destination is controlled by a third party. This becomes problematic when business policies prevent data replication and storage in third-party controlled locations.


Control and Own Your Backup Storage

In the traditional enterprise backup model, everything is owned by the internal IT department, including the backup appliance. This is fine for compliance and regulation until 3rd party cloud backup solutions are introduced. When company-owned data backup into cloud storage services, the data ownership is redefined and the compliance and regulation procedures will need to be updated to include the new cloud storage backup services. 

A nice solution will be to continue to own the backup appliances and own the definition of a backup target storage service, including nearby file servers or company-owned Amazon S3 or Windows Azure storage accounts. A self-hosted backup server will give you control and ownership you desire.

Connect Remote Devices;
Control and Own Your Backup Storage!

The Solution

CentreStack cloud backup solves both these problems. First of all, CentreStack server maintains connectivity with remote PCs and file servers via HTTPS/SSL so the connection is always on. Which means that remote PCs and file servers can always leverage CentreStack's communication channel and data channel to backup through the CentreStack backup appliance. And since CentreStack's cloud backup is storage agnostic, allowing you to backup to a storage service under your control, you can now provide continuous backups of your file servers and endpoints to a storage service under your control.

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CentreStack Solution

CentreStack adds secure remote access and file sharing, disaster prevention and recovery, to file servers on-premises with easy cloud backup to private cloud storage. It is a private cloud backup and private file sharing solution you have been looking for! 


CentreStack is privately hosted by the corporation itself. It is privacy by design without shared-hosting with other companies.


Compliance center provides features such as GDPR and HIPAA check-list.


There are many control parameters from permissions, group and access policies to audit trace and file download logging.


Security measures covering data-at-rest, data-in-transit, authentication integration with Active Directory and NTFS permissions.

Self-Hosted Backup Solution

Step 1: Select Your Backup Destination

Plan where you want to set your backup storage destination. It can be in Amazon cloud, Azure cloud, or any other data center you prefer.

Step 2: Setup CentreStack's Cloud-Backup

Turn on CentreStack's cloud-backup feature. During the configuration, set the backup storage service to the location you have selected.

Step 3: Local File Server Backup

Your local file server will backup to your selected storage location via the CentreStack server.

Step 4: Stable Connection via HTTPS/SSL

Both remote PCs and file servers have agent software connecting them via HTTPS/SSL to the CentreStack server for backup and restore.


CentreStack worked as an on-premise backup appliance. On one hand, it has connectivity to remote devices and on-premise file servers. On the other hand, it connects to self-defined cloud storage destination for backup. On top of that, the regular mobile remote access and secure file sharing features are still there.

"Simple cloud migration- The cloud migration process is simple and tailored to clients' needs. We can take the time to migrate individual users to the cloud over days or weeks rather than requiring everything to be done in one night. What kills in a data migration is rushing through it and with CentreStack we can take our time."

Pete Sperling

Principal, Cloud Advisors

Self-Hosted Backup Solution Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of data privacy, security, and control!


Create a free backup alliance that also provides mobile remote access and secure file sharing.


Using HTTPS, utilize folder-based backup of any endpoint. Snapshots stored on the appliance are replicated to the CentreStack backup target, which can be customized.


Only pay a small licensing fee for each user. There are no additional license fees for file servers or user devices.

Overall CentreStack Productivity Benefits

CentreStack offers an enhanced user experience that improves productivity while also increasing data privacy, security, and control. We make it fast, seamless, and easy for both internal and external collaborators.  CentreStack is a single platform combines cloud backup, mobile remote access and secure file sharing features together.


Mapped drives delay downloads until files are opened and cached locally for fast future access, significantly reducing bandwidth and storage consumption. Users get local performance when working remotely.


Secure data transfers are initiated during natural workflows from mapped drives, mobile applications or browsers so users don't have to learn new secure behaviors.


Provide the same simplified experience for internal and external users, even when they are offline.

Self-Hosted Cloud Backup Common Features

CentreStack eliminates the common drawbacks of remote file server access and online folder sharing solutions and provides the best of both worlds – the security and control of local file servers combined with the efficiency and productivity gains of online folder sharing and file sharing over the Internet. On top of that, CentreStack leverage the always-on connectivity to remote devices and internal file servers and turn itself into a backup server.

Endpoint Backup

Remote devices that are connected to CentreStack server are eligible to backup to CentreStack and cloud

File Server Backup

File servers connected to CentreStack server directly or remotely can backup network shares to cloud

Version Backup

File server network shares will be put under version control for additional protection

Snapshot Backup

Snapshot backup is available for folders on the endpoint remote device or on file server network shares.

Hybrid Server

Local on-premise file server and remote cloud can work together to form a hybrid cloud file server.

Mapped Drive

Employees can use a mapped drive to access files and folders without the need of a VPN.

Mobile Application

Mobile applications from iOS and Android devices are available to access files and folders.

Web Interface

Files and folders and backup copies are available over web browser interfaces.


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