Case Study

Aegis Technology Partners, (Aegis) improved profit margins and client experience by switching from Anchor to CentreStack.


  • Simplify User Experience
  • Compliance
  • Managed Access


  • Cloud-Based File Server
  • Remote File Sharing


  • Anchor

We have a financial advisor franchise customer. They are a small office and don’t justify having a server. But in this case, we were able to use the CentreStack solution to use a cloud-based server. Getting their corporate IT department’s approval was difficult - they checked everything out, and CentreStack was approved as compliant because the data was secure.

Aegis Technology Partners

Why Aegis Switched

Aegis was using Anchor as their cloud-based server solution for remote file sharing and storage. They wanted to find a solution that was easier for clients to adopt and interface with.

How CentreStack Improved Their Offering

Aegis integrated CentreStack as their cloud-based server and file sharing solution in 2017. Over the course of 6-8 months they gradually replaced all Anchor products with CentreStack.

Aegis found that CentreStack’s ability to utilize standard letter-drive mapping for their cloud storage made it very easy for clients to adopt.

They also saw major improvement in ease-of-access. For organizations with multiple locations and employees on the road, they can easily work with shared, centralized files and data through the cloud.

“I have a small town as a customer. They have their server in Town Hall and a few satellite offices. With CentreStack, we’re able to give people at remote locations access to their data off the Town Hall server. That way, we only have to worry about backing up the one server and we don’t have to track who is storing each file at every location,” said Jay Parisi, Partner at Aegis Technology Partners.

Compliancy Spotlight

Thanks to CentreStack’s data security compliance protocols, Aegis Technology Partners was able to land a new financial advisor as a customer.

Q&A with Jay Parisi, Partner at Aegis Technology Partners

What are the greatest benefits CentreStack has afforded your clients?

“Remote access to server shares and ease-of-use with mapped letter drives.”

What is the greatest benefit of CentreStack for your company?

“It adds value to our offering, allowing us to sell a better package.”

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