Case Study
ByteWize Inc.

ByteWize Inc. partnered with CentreStack to reduce costs, increase profitability, and provide their clients an easy-to-use data storage solution.


  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive


  • VPN
  • Anchor


  • Guest Portal
  • Central File Repository
  • Direct File Sharing
  • Remote File Sharing
  • Cloud-Based File Server

It’s really easy for my users. I can just tell clients, go to your “M” folder, all your files are there. They just get it. They can also download the app on any mobile device - it’s just really simple to set up and to use. It's also easy to manage and easy to sell.

President, ByteWize Inc


ByteWize Inc. was using Anchor as their cloud storage solution, but were experiencing a number of issues that were motivating them to seek out a new cloud storage partner:

1. Lori Hardtke, President at ByteWize Inc., felt they weren’t receiving enough software updates. “Anchor seemed to just disappear when I was using them,” she said.

2. ByteWize was also having excessive consumption of server storage using Anchor. “The problem stemmed from having duplicate ‘shared’ data in each user’s profile within their cloud desktop. If a group of office users shared a 5 GB folder, each user would consume 5 GB in their user profile. Five users would consume 25 GB on the server’s hard drive. This was a costly problem,” said Lori.

3. The cost was prohibitive. ByteWize was required to buy packages of 25 users, but often had too few customers to justify buying in those increments.


ByteWize Inc. chose to partner with CentreStack as a self-hosted cloud server. The decision was clear as CentreStack specifically addressed the key issues they were experiencing with Anchor.

1. “CentreStack is very aggressive about getting updates out on a regular schedule and they have been receptive to my bug fixes and enhancement recommendations,” Lori said.

2. CentreStack’s software doesn’t have the same storage issues as Anchor. “As long as you have an internet connection, accessing data is via a mapped drive so no local storage is being consumed. No internet connection, no problem. Ondemand sync allows you to sync only the files you need to your local device and they will sync up the next time you’re online,” Lori said.

3. With CentreStack, Lori can buy licenses on a per user basis, rather than being forced to make purchase decisions in bulk.



CentreStack’s pay per user pricing model is more cost effective for ByteWize, allowing them to be more nimble and profitable in their purchasing decisions.


“I can submit something to the help desk, and I always hear back within 2-3 hours. I even reach out on weekends and hear back within a few hours, when I didn’t expect to hear anything until Monday,” Lori said.


“I don’t have to sit my customers down and explain how to use it - they just get it,” said Lori.

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