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Cloud Advisors

Cloud Advisors is an MSP founded in 2019 that focuses on bringing cloud solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.


  • MSP


  • Simplify User Experience
  • Simplify Cloud Migration
  • Managed Access


  • Cloud-Based File Server
  • Remote File Sharing

We have been in this business since the early 90s. We really took the time to evaluate our solution and CentreStack was the best choice for us.

Co-Founder, Cloud Advisors


Jim Stover and Pete Sperling have been in the MSP business since its inception in the 1990s. They sold their previous MSP business recently and have decided to build a new company from the ground up.

Part of their vision for building Cloud Advisors was the ability to construct the ideal cloud solution for their clients. Guided by their years of experience, Jim and Pete set out to create an easy and intuitive user experience.

Their vision required a partner capable of meeting their standards for excellence. Their top priorities were easy to use file sync and share as well as simple data migrations.

“We have been in this business since the early 90s. We really took the time to evaluate our solution and CentreStack was the best choice for us,” said Jim.

Why They Chose CentreStack

Ease of Use - “It just resonates with people - it isn’t as scary for your clients to make that switch to the cloud when it feels like they are still in their same mapped drives,” Pete said.

Simple cloud migration - The cloud migration process is simple and tailored to clients’ needs. They can take the time to migrate individual users to the cloud over days or weeks, rather than requiring everything to be done in one night. “What kills in a data migration is rushing

Ease-of-access - “Anywhere you install the CentreStack agent, once you have that installed, for the end user, they can just go to their drive and that’s where their data is - it’s that simple,” said Pete.

Seamless AWS integration - CentreStack can run on S3 buckets and EC2 instances, allowing them to leverage AWS load balancers. CentreStack has been integral to the success of Cloud Advisors and their product Cloud Server since Jim and Pete started building the company.

Q&A with Jim Stover from Cloud Advisors

What is the biggest benefits to using CentreStack for you as a company?

“We try to help our customers with a better journey to the cloud and CentreStack is a big piece of that for us. The plethora of data migration options is a big piece of that.”

How do your customers benefit from you using CentreStack?

“We have packaged CentreStack into our own product, Cloud Server. The goal is to provide a super intuitive experience and CentreStack provides easy cloud access with a mapped drive, so there is no learning curve for users like with Dropbox or OneDrive.”

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