Case Study
OneSource Technology

MSP, OneSource Technology, replaces their legacy file sharing system with CentreStack and leverages their per user pricing option to grow revenue.


  • Add Revenue Stream
  • Retire File Servers
  • Security
  • Compliance


  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Other


  • Dropbox
  • Anchor


  • Guest Portal
  • Central File Repository
  • Remote File Sharing
  • Cloud-Based File Server

I get regular emails and phone calls that simply say, ‘How are things going? How can we help you to grow the business?’ They have been extremely responsive any time there are support issues and with feature additions.



OneSource Technology had a file sharing solution that was secure, but there was a problem: the company that owned the solution was planning to shut it down. In addition to that, the solution was only useful for sharing with no additional file storage features.

To replace their current solution, OneSource sought a file sharing option that offered end-to-end encryption as well as a long term file storage option.


OneSource went with CentreStack. The key selling points for them were the end-to-end encryption as well as encryption at rest, which was not an option with any of the alternatives they researched.

OneSource was also able to expand their revenue thanks to the variety of CentreStack’soffering.

“We pay CentreStack for each user that is using the system in a fixed monthly amount. That allows our billing for CentreStack to grow. Right now our clients are using CentreStack in different ways, and we are able to charge them depending on how they use it,” said Paul Bush, Principal Consultant at OneSource Technology.

Q&A With Paul Bush

Why did you choose CentreStack?

The per user pricing & ease of use.

What are the top benefits of CentreStack for your customers?

The ability to access it on the web, from anywhere - desktop, laptop, mobile device, as well as the fact that we have it configured to map to a network drive for the fileshare.

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