Case Study
Tanda Technologies

Canadian MSP, Tanda Technologies has met their clients needs and grown revenue by 5% by white labeling CentreStack as a cloud-based file sharing solution.


  • Add Revenue Stream
  • Retire File Servers
  • Security
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Cloud-Based File Server


  • Central File Repository
  • Direct File Sharing
  • Remote File Sharing


  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Egnyte
  • Google Drive

The greatest benefit for our clients is the ability to share files securely and access those files from anywhere. The greatest benefit for us is that it is a very good income stream. We have grown our revenue by roughly 5% with CentreStack.

President, Tanda Technologies


Tanda Technology’s clients were primarily using either Dropbox as their file sharing solution or simply emailing attachments to share files.

They were looking for a cloud solution where the data does not go to servers outside of Canada as Dropbox data does.

Tanda also wanted a solution that allowed them full control over data storage, so in the case of an issue, they “control the problem from start to finish, rather than relying on the tech support of another company to solve the problem,” said Lawrence Reiber, President of Tanda Technologies.


Tanda chose to work with CentreStack for their cloud storage needs.

They have a server set up with CentreStack and they provide their clients with two options for file sharing:

Option 1) If a client does not have their own server onsite and wants to share files, Tanda Technologies will host their files on Tanda’s on-premise server.

Option 2) If the client does have a server onsite, they will use Tanda’s CentreStack service as a conduit to securely access their files from anywhere.

With either option, the data is not leaving Canada as files are either going to Tanda’s servers or the client's servers. The data sharing process is entirely controlled and secure.

“We are able to own the solution from start to finish. If there is a problem, we know it is likely on our end with our server or with bandwidth, for example. This way we can solve most of our own problems,” said Lawrence.


Revenue Growth

Tanda has added a new revenue stream and grown 5% just by offering CentreStack products.

White Labeling

They package CentreStack as a white label product and sell it in bundles with a 3-pack license minimum.

Excellent Customer Service

“Any time there is a problem, we call and CentreStack takes care of it. There is no aggravation,” said Lawrence.

Tanda Tested, Tanda Approved

“We tested CentreStack for 2-3 months, and we tried every way we could to break it. We couldn’t break it, and we are very comfortable with the way that it operates,” said Lawrence.

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