Case Study
Team Computing

Australian based MSP Team Computing integrated CentreStack as a file sharing solution to better serve one of their clients with a manufacturing facility in mainland China.


  • Cloud-Based File Server
  • Remote File Sharing


  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • VPN

Working with the support team has been great. They have a support person based in our time zone. If we have a problem we can always step through it and get to the solution.

Solutions Manager, Team Computing


Team Computing had a client with a very specific challenge: a manufacturing division located in mainland China who needed to regularly share design files internationally. China’s government-run firewall was preventing access to many essential files.

Initially, files were being sent as email attachments but they would often be blocked before delivery. Team Computing then tried using a VPN solution which worked for a limited time, but was ultimately restricted by the firewall as well.


After spending substantial time on research and false starts, Team Computing decided to leverage CentreStack and Alibaba cloud services to solve their client’s access interruptions.

“We looked at a lot of combinations of solutions for them. CentreStack provided a clear advantage with the ability to share files between servers. The other component was to work with Alibaba because they were the only provider at the time with instances in China,” said Matthew O'Brien, Solutions Manager at Team Computing.

CentreStack was the only solution able to maintain reliable access for Team Computing’s client. Service is further supported by a team member dedicated to the client’s time zone and hours of operation. “We wouldn’t have had a solution for this problem without CentreStack. They made it so much easier to set this up,” Matthew said.


Alibaba Partner

Partnering with Alibaba, CentreStack ensures Team Computing’s client successfully share files within and outside of mainland China.

Alibaba Growth

Team Computing is in talks with Alibaba to expand this service to more companies in China. “We see this as being very repeatable.”

Excellent Customer Service

Team Computing gets quick support response times with a support team member based in their time zone.

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