Case Study
Tilt Technology

Tilt Technology, an MSP based in the Healthcare industry, switches from Cornerstone to CentreStack and finds significant improvements for themselves and their clients.


  • Simplify User Experience


  • Cloud-Based File Server


  • Cornerstone

CentreStack customer service has been fantastic. When we do run into issues they are very responsive, and they have been able to resolve any issues very quickly.

CoFounder, Tilt Technology


Tilt Technology was using Cornerstone as their file sharing solution which did not have mobile or web applications, making remote accessibility a huge issue.

Cornerstone “didn’t give us true location-to-location accessibility, so our customers weren’t able to easily access the files from wherever they wanted to access them from,” said Bill Stanford, co-founder of Tilt Technology.

There were various other functional issues Tilt faced while using Cornerstone. The software’s updates caused ongoing compatibility failures which required full shutdowns until a fix could be applied. This downtime and the man-hours required to regularly address bug fixes were creating a serious strain on their business. Sharing files was itself often problematic with Cornerstone as inefficient file compression increased wait times and further added to the strain on their system.

Tilt needed to make a change. They wanted to find an easy-to-use, reliable solution that would be compatible with their system while offering clients fast and easy access from anywhere.


Tilt Technology decided to integrate CentreStack using the software for their standard cloud services offering as well as their file sharing solution for non-cloud users.

CentreStack offers both mobile and web application access, solving ease-of-use and accessibility issues for Tilt Technology’s clients.

CentreStack’s interface appears as just another storage drive on a user’s computer. There is no complex interface; you can easily move files between folders just as if they were stored locally.

“When our clients use CentreStack, it’s like a nice mapped drive that can transfer back and forth to the file server. On their instance it looks like any mapped drive would on a network environment, so they have minimal hassle with getting it connected if it is disconnected,” said Bill.

For Tilt Technology, the beauty of using CentreStack is that it feels like a seamless part of the process rather than an entirely separate software. “So far I have not found anyone else that allows us to do that,” Bill said.


Mobile/Web Access

Tilt Technology’s clients can now access and share files easily, as needed, whether uploading files for cloud storage or transferring between server locations.

Quick & Easy

Significantly easier to maintain, upgrade, and patch than their previous solution.

HIPAA Compliancy Reports

CentreStack allows Tilt Technology to run HIPAA compliancy checks and generate reports demonstrating compliance for file transfers which is essential to serving existing clients as well as to closing new ones.

Reliable Support

CentreStack prioritizes ongoing system support ensuring any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

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