CentreStack File Server Integration

Modern way to send and receive files from business partners without FTP

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Solving business access problems with the modern cloud approach, replacing FTP server

Business Access

Business users nowadays have many different kind of devices such as iOS and Android devices to access business information. With traditional VPN, the access becomes cumbersome. The web browser also becoming more and more interactive, making it a very productive end point device to access files and folders.

Business users are looking for a way to share files and folders with business partners without the traditional FTP server.

Secure Access

With CentreStack server, the business access can be locked down to SSL (HTTPS), making it secure for data-in-transit when sending and receiving files and folders as compared to FTP transfer. FTP transfer is not secure.

Seamless Integration

Folder permission and Active Directory user identity can be preserved and 100% native, offering the same users who are used to access local files and folders the same access permission when access from mobile devices , web browser and remote end points.

It is very easy to see who shared with whom and the files and folders will inherit NTFS permission.

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