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Replace Varonis DatAnywhere

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Don't worry about DatAnywhere End of Life (EOL) in 2020.
CentreStack is a much better solution to replace DatAnywhere!

EFSS is a Commodity

DatAnywhere is an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution and there are multiple EFSS solutions in the market. Almost all file sync features and file sharing features are commodity features. So first of all, rest assured that you can find a replacement solution. Secondly, Varonis DatAnywhere announced the End of Life (EOL) plan a couple years ago, and a few years worth of continued development and enhancement in the EFSS market is more than enough to leave DatAnywhere behind. So rest assured again that you will always find a better solution.

Why CentreStack is the Best?

CentreStack excels in providing private self-hosted on-premise file sync and share solution. The solution is built on top of the Microsoft Web Platform, including Windows Server, ASP.NET, and Internet Information Services (IIS). The benefit of leveraging pure Microsoft technology stack is that it works natively with the Active Directory, the NTFS permissions and the Windows file server shares. As an end result, file access and permission checks are all natively done with all-Microsoft components, which is a most-tested combination out there in the field. There are other solutions that may run on a Microsoft Windows Server platform but was built with Apache web server and other non-Microsoft technology, which have less compatibility and less interoperability to Microsoft components.

NTFS Permissions

In CentreStack, NTFS permission is integrated natively so mobile access and secure file sharing follow the same security rules as on-premise LAN access.

On-Demand Sync

With CentreStack, on the client agent side, you can sync only files you are using and only files you are allowed to use.

Cloud Drive

In CentreStack, you have a drive letter to access files and folders, with permission check and file locking. There is no training required for users since everyone knows a drive letter.

More Permissions

For external users that are not in the Active Directory, the granular permissions can be assigned to different users at different levels of the folder hierarchy.

Selective Sync

CentreStack has selective sync allowing you to build up a local cache based on the hard drive capacity of the remote device.

Hosting Flexibility

CentreStack allows you to self host on-premise, or host in a private cloud with hybrid cloud file server setup for business continuity and ease the future private cloud migration.

Our customers say it best.

Benefits after Replacing DatAnywhere

Native Windows Support

CentreStack has NTFS permission integration and Active Directory integration all done with Microsoft .NET components. It is much easier to implement access control in CentreStack with better compatibility and interoperability.

Central Management

Outside of the normal Active Directory and the Windows side of the management, all CentreStack management is done in a web browser in a single-pane-of-glass fashion, meaning you can manage users, storage, files and folders from one single User Interface.

Simpler User Experience

CentreStack's mapped drives are based on file system drivers for scalability and performance. For end users, they get the familiar mapped drive to their files with file locking support.

Better Support

CentreStack listens to our customers and partners and the development process is agile and the product update is provided on a weekly basis. You will get up-to-date product with continued support.

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